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Product Description

Solution Description

AS500 Series VFD

AS500 sequence large overall performance VFD was adopted with common V/F manage technologies, zero-speed sensor vector manage technologies, closed loop vector manage and torque manage technological innovation, as nicely as synchronous open loop vector manage technology and synchronous closed loop vector control technological innovation, mixed with the characteristics of domestic software, even more strengthening the item reliability, environmental adaptability and design and style for CZPT er and the industry. Products are commonly employed in large market and CZPT equipment load, suited asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

Feature and Rewards
1. High -efficient & energy saving procedure

2. CZPT CZPT Reaction
Innovative motor control can also quickly response to load adjust with no PG Card.
3. Sleek monitoring start off
At any time, sleek start off can be completely achieved with no impacting the rotating motor.
4. CZPT ful grid adaptability
Automated voltage adjustment perform: when the grid voltage changes, the output voltage can be automatically held continual. In the circumstance of unexpected reduction of electrical energy, special CZPT -blackout purpose can maintain VFD managing.
 5. Stable procedure with lower frequency and high torque.
Dynamic calcultion of IGBT inside temperature guarantees that the IGBT module operates with the temperture boundaries, strengthening reliablity of the module.
six. Positive-reverse change
When good-reserve motor switch to the zero-speed, the period of present has no modify or oscillation, and velocity has no ripple.
seven. Papid acceleration
.1s full load acclleration with CZPT torque reaction and minimal pace overshoot.
eight. IGBT temperature security curve
Dynamic calculation of IGBT interior temperature ensures that the IGBT module operates inside the temperature limites, improving railiability of the module.

Personal application perform

* PID manage devoted menu to established PID parameters, determine within the VFD, without independent exterior regulator alternative. 

* DC braking prior to operation: when the rotating course of motor for the duration of free of charge sliding is uncertain, DC braking instantly quit the motor just before beginning.

* For the square torque load of admirer and h2o pump, high efficiency excitation manage can make the motor operate at the optimal performance stage and achieve optimal power preserving influence.

Merchandise Parameters

Power enter Input voltage 380-460V
Enter frequency 45-65Hz
Accepting voltage modify Voltage unbalance <3%
Voltage drop When the 3 phase AC380-460V, input voltage <AC300V, low voltage protection was implemented after 15ms.
Power output Voltage 0VAC ~ input voltage
Overload grade Stable running 40ºC,hefty load 150%, 1min
Effectiveness (entire load) ≥0.94
Output frequency accuracy ±0.01% (digital command -ten~+45ºC) ±0.1% (analog command 25±10ºC)
Digital enter/output Optical coupling isolation input 7 channels, 24V higher and minimal stage can be established, input operate can be described
Open collector output 2 channels, output perform can be described
Relay output two channels, typically open up contacts, make contact with capability: inductive, 1.5A/250VAC, output purpose can be defined, 2 channels, dual normally open/shut contacts, get in touch with potential: resistive, 4.5A/250VAC or 4.5A/30VDC inductive: .4A/250VAC or .4A/30VDC, output purpose can be described
Analog enter/output Analog voltage input 2 channels, accuracy .1% voltage -10V ~ +10VDC or present ~20mA optional signal
Analog voltage output two channels, precision .1% voltage -10V ~ +10VDC or present ~20mA optional signal
Control characteristics Carrier frequency 1.1-8KHz CZPT frequency can be modified routinely in accordance to load people
Frequency location resolution .01Hz (digital command), ±0.06HZ/120Hz (analog command 11 little bit + no signal)
Running command channel Given operation panel, offered control terminal, offered interaction
Frequency provided channel Give procedure panel, offered digital quantity/analog amount, given conversation, provided performance operate.
Torque enhanced Computerized torque enhanced, manual torque enhanced.
V/F curve Consumer defined V/F curves, linear V/F curves, and a few reduced torque characteristic curves
Automatic voltage adjustment (AVR) The responsibility ratio of output PWM sign is altered automatically based mostly on the fluctuation of bus voltage, to lessen the affect of grid voltage fluctuation on output voltage fluctuation.
Electrical energy reduction and maintain working method In the situation of instantaneous CZPT off, accomplish uninterrupted procedure by way of bus voltage manage
Immediate current braking capability Brake present: .~one hundred twenty.% rated existing
Characteristic purpose Parameters copy The normal procedure panel can add and down load parameters and reveal copy process
Approach PID Utilized for closed – loop manage of method quantities
Typical DC bus All sequence can accomplish the CZPT source of typical DC bus for several VFD.
Motor defense Rotor block, motor overload, speed limitation
VFD protection Output existing restricted, VFD overload, IGBT overload, below voltage / in excess of voltage of enter CZPT , beneath voltage / more than voltage of DC bus, IGBT over heating, CZPT faulty, analog enter signal reduction (reduction speed reference), communication abnormality, self-tuning defective.
Surroundings condition Operation place Installed vertically in a well-ventilated electrical management cabinet. Horizontal or other set up is not allowed. CZPT medium is air. Put in in environment without having direct daylight, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gasoline, oil mist, steam, or water.
Setting temperature -ten ~ +40 ºC
Employed in diminished temperature >40 ºC, a rise of 1 ºC, rated output current is decreased by 2%, the optimum temperature is 50ºC
Altitude <1000m
Utilised in diminished top >1000m, a rise of 1000m, rated output current is reduced by 1% (up to 3000m)
Atmosphere humidity 5 ~ninety five%, without condensation
Vibration (transport) 2 ≤ f < 9Hz, 3.5 mm 9 ≤f < 200Hz, 10m/s², 200 ≤f < 500Hz, 15m/s²
Vibration (installation) two ≤ f < 9Hz, 0.3 mm 9 ≤f < 200Hz, 1m/s²
Storage temperature -40 ~ +70 ºC
Safety grade IP20
Control panel Variety Movable
Duration 1m, 3m
Connector RJ45
Lcd textual content screen four row
LED show 5 little bit
Visible LED indicator 4 pcs
important nine pcs
Others Cooling way Force air cooling
Installation manner Installed in cabinet with wall-mounted
Certification CE

AS500 sequence VFD specialized parameters

Stable managing 40ºC, large obligation loading Dimension
VFD Model
Rated enter recent (A) Rated output recent (A) Adaptive motor
Overload a hundred and twenty% (1min)
Output existing (A)
4T07P5 20 19 7.5 28.5 A2
4T0011 29 27 eleven forty.5
4T0115 35 34 15 51 A3
4T18P5 43 forty one eighteen.five sixty one.5
4T0122 50 48 22 72
4T0030 66 65 30 ninety seven.5 A4
4T0037 eighty two eighty 37 one hundred twenty
4T0045 106 ninety six forty five 144 A5
4T0055 138 128 55 192
4T0075 170 a hundred and sixty seventy five 240 A6
4T0090 205 195 ninety 292.five A7
4T0110 250 240 110 360
4T0132 280 270 132 405 A8
4T0160 312 302 a hundred and sixty 453
4T0185 380 370 185 555
4T5710 four hundred 390 two hundred 585
4T5710 436 426 220 639
4T5710 490 480 250 720 A9
4T5710 530 520 280 780
4T571 610 600 315 900
4T571 660 650 355 975

Dimension desk

Specification Peak(mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Bodyweight (kg)
A1 three hundred a hundred and sixty 162 four.5
A2 379 222 182 8
A3 414 232 182 ten.3
A4 530 330 288 29.5
A5 610 330 310 38
A6 750 430 350 seventy nine.5
A7 800 430 350 81
A8 880 500 350 112.five
A9 1030 630 370 one hundred seventy
A10 1189 852 431 280
A11 1359 852 431 310


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The rotor of a reluctance motor is made up of a reliable cast steel element with a convex toothed rack. Their beginning process is related to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Normally, their rotors have fewer poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and helps prevent ideal pole alignment, as no torque is created in that place. Reluctance motors assortment in power scores from a handful of watts to about 22 kilowatts.
china near me As500 High Performance Vector LV VFD Smooth Start Variable Frequency Drive manufacturers