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Solution Description

Primary Features of SF730 Series Frequency CZPT
Primary Functions of SF730E Sequence Frequency inverter

Long lasting CZPT Synchronous motor (SF730E Series)

1) Accessible for equally induction motor & Long lasting motor
    SF730 series frequency inverter for AC induction motor (AC Asynchronous motor)
    SF730E sequence frequency drive for long lasting magnet synchronous motor.

2) Rigorous temperature-rise test

    Adopt the most strict cyclic overload take a look at to satisfy the CZPT -expression trustworthy procedure under severe load circumstances.

3) Independent air duct design

    Use the huge air quantity & CZPT -carry cooling fans to lessen the interior temperature rise to keep the generate reliable 

    & stable run.

4) Excellent defense program

   40 defense and alarm capabilities

5) Internation stardard vast-voltage enter assortment

    Rated voltage:3phase 380V~480V fifty/60HZ

    Allowable voltage fluctuation:323V~528V fifty/60HZ

    CE Acceptance

six) Simple to use

    Deceleration in excess of-excitation perform, Excellent pace analysis monitoring function.

    Underneath-voltage stall function, CZPT matic strength-saving handle of enthusiast/pump kind.

    CZPT ly procedure keypad, and CZPT ful inner logic purpose, Abundant expansion functions and so on.

seven) Compact Composition Style

    Pick new era IGBT technological innovation with large junction temperature and large CZPT density to save.

    set up place and aid electrical format.

8) Outstanding Performance

    CZPT manage precision:±0.5%(SVC),±0.02% (VC)

    CZPT control range:1:two hundred (SVC), 1:one thousand (VC)

    Overload:one hundred twenty% of rated output existing for long lasting.

                   150% of rated output recent for 1 minute.

                   180% of rated output current for 8s
9) Assistance Wi-Fi access Accessibility perform.
10) Support mobile App to aid debugging and checking inverters standing
11) Support large frequency output up to 3000Hz for driving high-velocity motors.


Wiring Diagram

Dimension (mm):

Polyphase motors can be either two-phase or 3-phase motors. They work like one-stage induction motors, but each solitary-stage and polyphase motors operate on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or three-period currents passing by means of two or more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic subject creates torque. Polyphase motors are utilized in apps that require substantial power, such as the power travel of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
china near me shop Sf730e Series Frequency Inverter manufacturers