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Item Description

S3800E Series Shut-loop vector control – High functionality&colon  Control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are implemented by means of the high-efficiency existing vector control engineering&time period
Overload ability 60s for 150&percnt of the rated present&comma 3s for one hundred eighty&percnt&lpar 120&percnt&rpar of the rated recent&period of time
Ramp mode&colon Straight-line ramp&semi S-curve ramp&semi 4 teams of acceleration&soldeceleration time with the assortment of &period0-6500&period0s


Item S3800G
Manage manner V&solF management
Sensorless flux vector control &lparVC&rpar
Cloed-loop vector handle&lparCVC&rpar
Maximum frequency Vextor handle &colon0~320Hz
V&solF handle &colon0~3200Hz
Input frequency esolution Dgital location &colon0&period01Hz
Analog placing &colon0&period571&percnt of highest frequency
Startup torque G kind &colon0&period5Hz&sol150&percnt&semi Hz&sol one hundred eighty&percnt&lparCVC&rpar
P type &colon0&period5Hz&sol100&percnt
Pace assortment 1&colon100&lparVC&rpar
Speed security precision &pm0&period2&percnt&lparVC&rpar

&pm &period02&percnt&lparCVC&rpar

Torque manage accuracy &pm5&percnt&lparCVC&rpar  
Overload ability G variety &colon 60s for one hundred fifty&percnt of the rated recent&comma 3s for 180&percnt of the rated existing

P variety &colon 60s for a hundred and twenty&percnt of the rated existing&comma 3s for a hundred and fifty&percnt of the rated curren

Torque enhance Auto boost

Tailored increase &period1&percnt-30&period0&percnt

V&solF curve Multi-point curve

N-energy V&solF curve &lpar1&period2 CZPT &comma1&period4 CZPT &comma1&period6 CZPT &comma1&period8power&commasquare &rpar

V&solF separation Two sorts &coloncomplete separation &semi fifty percent separation
Ramp mode Straight-line ramp

S-curve ramp

Four groups of acceleration &soldeceleration time with the variety of &period0&period-6500s

DC braking DC braking frequency &colon0&period00HZ to maximun frequency

Braking time &colon0&period0~100&period0s

Braking motion recent value &colon0&period0&percnt- one hundred&period0&percnt

JOG management JOG frequency assortment &colon0&period00~ fifty&period00HZ

JOG acceleration &soldeceleration time &colon0&period0~ 6500&period0s

Onboard a number of preset speeds It implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or mixture of terminal states
Onboard PID It realizes process-managed closed loop management method very easily
Auto voltage

Regulation &lparAVR&rpar

It can keep continuous output voltage automatically when the mains voltage adjustments&period of time
Overvoltage &solOvercurrent stall handle The existing and voltage are limited routinely during the running method so as to steer clear of frequenct tripping owing to overvoltage &solover present
Torque restrict and manage It can restrict torque immediately and stop repeated in excess of current tripping during the operating process &periodTorque management can be carried out in the CVC method
Assistance for the a number of PG card Support for rotating transformer PD card &comma differential input PG card&comma resolver PG card and OC enter PG card
Electrical power dip trip via Reduction so that the AC generate can continue to run for a brief time
Speedy recent limit It aids to stay away from recurrent above existing faults of the AC drive
High efficiency Control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are carried out via the substantial -efficiency current vector management technology &period
Timing manage Time assortment &colon &period0~ 6500&period0  mintes
Interaction Methods MODBUS -RTU &bsol PROFIBUS -DP&bsol CAN
Safety mode Motor short -circuit detection at CZPT -on &comma enter&soloutput section loss protection &commaover recent defense&comma overvoltage defense&comma beneath voltage defense &comma overheat defense and overload defense
Installtion Place Indoor &comma free from immediate sunlight &comma dust &comma corrosive gasoline&comma flamable gas&comma oil smol&comma vapour &comma drip or salt
Altitude Lower than 1000m
Ambient temperature -10-40de-rated if the ambient temperature is in between forty and fifty
Storage temperture -20~sixty


Input voltage&commaV Energy selection&comma W
380 &period75 – 132

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S3800E Series Closed-loop vector handle – High efficiency&colon  Control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are carried out by way of the substantial-efficiency current vector management technological innovation&interval
Overload potential 60s for a hundred and fifty&percnt of the rated existing&comma 3s for 180&percnt&lpar one hundred twenty&percnt&rpar of the rated present&interval
Ramp method&colon Straight-line ramp&semi S-curve ramp&semi Four groups of acceleration&soldeceleration time with the selection of &period0-6500&period0s

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Polyphase motors can be both two-period or 3-phase motors. They work like one-period induction motors, but both one-section and polyphase motors work on a rotating magnetic area. Their rotating magnetic fields are generated by two- or a few-stage currents passing through two or more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic subject makes torque. Polyphase motors are used in programs that call for substantial electricity, such as the electrical power drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
china price S3800e 7.5kw 380V Shut Loop Frequency Inverter AC Motor Drive makers