china sales Strong Starting Torque 15kw Frequency Inverter Motor Torque Controller AC Drives manufacturers

Solution Description

Motor CZPT Management Variable Frequency CZPT

GK820 High Functionality Variable Frequency CZPT CZPT
Model: GTAKE
Certification: CE, RoHS

VFDs Design Electrical power Score Input Voltage Output FREQ Type
GK820 series .4kW-630kW 208V~690V .00-600.00Hz DC/AC to AC inverters



Thanks to advanced engineers, scientific generating workmanship, arduous quality handle methods and administration staff, GTAKE frequency inverters are geared up with CZPT d functions, some of which are outlined as below:


01  Starting up torque: a hundred and eighty% at .25Hz (sensor-significantly less vector management 2), two hundred% at 0Hz (closed-loop vector management)


Velocity adjustable variety: -50Hz: 1:200 (sensor-considerably less vector management 2), 1:a thousand (shut-loop vector management)


Velocity accuracy: +/-.2% (sensor-considerably less vector management 1&2), +/-.02% (shut-loop vector handle)


Speed fluctuation: +/-.3% (sensor-considerably less vector manage 1&2), +/-.1% (closed-loop vector handle)


Torque response: less than 10ms (sensor-considerably less vector manage 1&2), much less than 5ms (closed-loop vector        control)


In excess of load functionality: 150% 1minute, one hundred eighty% 10 CZPT s, 200% .5 CZPT , when each 10 minutes


Output frequency: .00-600.00Hz, or CZPT ized like 1MHz


Ample frequency location resources


DC brake commence frequency: any frequency in the assortment of 0Hz to 600.00Hz


Varied enter and output terminals


Ambient temperature: -10°C~50°C


Substantial exact torque restrict, approach PID handle, simple PLC, wobble frequency management, mechanical brake handle, field weakening management, all-side security, and many others.


Online and offline vehicle-tuning the two CZPT  


Excessive quick-time acceleration can be operated with out vacation, such as .1s from 0Hz to 50Hz.




Mains CZPT (R/L1,S/L2,T/L3)
Provide voltage 208-240V ±10%  380-480V ±10%
Electrical power supply frequency fifty / 60 Hz ±5%
Displacement CZPT factor (cos φ) (> .98)



Output Knowledge (U, V, W)
Output voltage / frequency -one hundred% of supply voltage / 0.00-600.00 Hz or CZPT ized
Ramp time .01-60000 S


Digital Enter
Programmable electronic inputs 7 (regional), 9(extensible)
Logic NPN or PNP
Voltage degree 10 – 30V
Pulse enter one (X7/DI)


Analog Input
Analog inputs three (regional), 4 (extensible)
Modes Voltage or current
Level to +10V, -10V to +10V, 0/4 to twenty mA (scalable)
Automatic correction Indeed


Digital Output
Programmable digital outputs 2
Voltage level at digital output – 24 V
Programmable pulse outputs 1
Pulse output max. output frequency fifty. kHz




Analog Output
Programmable analog outputs two (regional), 4 (extensible) 
Voltage selection / recent selection – ten V / – 20 mA


Relay Output
Programmable relay outputs two (nearby), 4 (extensible)
RA – RB / TA – TB Generally near
RA – RC / TA – TC Typically open up
Get in touch with capacitance 250 V AC / 3A, thirty V DC / 3 A


Terminal 485 Interface
485+ / 485- Rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps CZPT . length: five hundred m
GND Isolated from COM


Vibration Considerably less than 5.9 m/s² (.6g)
Humidity Relative humidity 5% – 95 %. No condensation
Corrosive setting 3C3
Ambient temperature -10 – fifty ºC
Altitude – 2,000 m
Rated output current  derated 1% every single 100 m over 1,000 m
Storage temperature -40 – +70 ºC
Performance Efficiency At rated amps:
7.5kW and under: ≥93%
eleven – 45kW: ≥95 % 
55kW and above: ≥98 %
IP grade IP20
Cooling method Compelled air cooling


Fieldbus Conversation
Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII Constructed-in
Profibus DP, CAN, CANopen, etc. Optional




GK800 gives V/F management (such as voltage and frequency divided manage), sensor-less vector management 1 (sturdy vector control mode, static autotuning satisfactory), and sensor-much less vector handle 2 (precise vector handle method, rotary autotuning essential), and shut-loop vector control, adaptable to asynchronous and synchronous motor for CZPT industrial programs, such as CZPT , raise & elevator, hoist & crane, sugar mill, winches, equipment resources, drawbench, printing devices, packaging equipment, textile sector, oil business, pharmaceuticals industry, and many others. 


Hoist   Cranes   Drawbench   Oil effectively pumping unit


Corrugated paper generation line   Injection molding equipment   CNC turning lathe   Far more





In manufacturing, arduous good quality handle is applied on factors, circuit boards, and the concluded goods, assuring goods with no defects.






Functionality Common manufacturers GTAKE
Applicable motors Asynchronous motors Asynchronous /synchronous motors
Starting torque

two.0Hz, 150% (sensor-considerably less vector manage)

0Hz, 180% (shut-loop vector manage)

.5Hz, one hundred eighty% (sensor-significantly less vector manage)

0Hz, 200% (shut-loop vector manage)

Velocity adjustable variety one:100 (SVC), 1:one thousand (VC) 1:two hundred (SVC), 1:1000 (VC)
Ambient temperature (no derating needed) -10-40ºC -10-50ºC (for most of the models)
Rated enter voltage 208VAC-400VAC 208VAC-480VAC
Interaction Modbus RTU//ASCII Modbus RTU//ASCII Profibus-DP, CANopen, and so forth.
Position handle (fixed duration, or angular positioning) ×
Subject weakening handle ×
Autotune on the internet On-line Online & Offline
Quick-time ramp-up Journey No excursion
Tailored characteristics (software and/or components) Unprocurable or no knowledge  Procurable with wealthy experience




Packaging and logistics

All drives are nicely packed just before shipment, match for air shipment, sea transportation, and express supply. CZPT ers are capable to get in touch with its personal nominated forwarder or seek the advice of GTAKE logistics section for CZPT cargo providers.

*  Low-power inverters are packed in cardboard box, and others are in plywood situations.

*  Plenty of transportation procurable globally in accordance with CZPT er desire or GTAKE knowledge.





Two types of AC motors include: Synchronous: The simple fact that a synchronous motor rotates at the very same price as the frequency of the mains existing offers the motor its identify. A synchronous motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a vast selection of apps. Induction: Induction motors are the most straightforward and strongest motors offered. These AC motors consist of two electrical factors: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The existing required to switch the rotor is created by the electromagnetic induction created by the stator windings. Induction motors are a single of the most commonly used sorts of motors in the planet.
china sales Strong Starting Torque 15kw Frequency Inverter Motor Torque Controller AC Drives manufacturers