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Item Description

Item Introduction
AS620 inverter is the newest inverter developed for the carry market and is also utilized for the carry driving events. With the use of the motor manage strategy totally synchronous with the worldwide CZPT d method, the solution has the identical outstanding handle functionality with substantial-conclude worldwide inverter and, combined with the application qualities of the Chinese lifts, additional strengthens the solution reliability, environmental adaptation and CZPT and specialist design and style and can well fulfill the software specifications of the constructing hoists.

Complex attributes

  1. A assortment of V/F curves, conference CZPT subject use requirements.
  2. Constructive and adverse torque start off and fixed torque begin for better comfort and ease.
  3. Protected and dependable AFR function.
  4. Brake management operate to stay away from complete sliding.
  5. Hopping frequency handle perform to properly keep away from the resonance point of mechanical load.
  6. Automatic slip payment to minimize the effect of load adjust on the motor speed.
  7. New PWM dead zone payment engineering successfully lowers the motor loss.

Software industries

Target application item: constructing hoist

Product Parameters

Inverter design
Rated Potential Rated output present (A) Adaptive motor (KW)
4T05P5 nine 13 5.5
4T07P5 thirteen eighteen 7.5
4T0011 19 27 eleven
4T0015 24 34 fifteen
4T18P5 29 41 18.5
4T0571 34 forty eight 22
4T0030 45 sixty five 30
4T0037 fifty five eighty 37
4T0045 sixty eight 97 45
4T0055 89 128 55
4T0075 115 one hundred sixty five seventy five
4T0090 a hundred twenty five a hundred and eighty ninety
4T0110 150 216 one hundred ten
4T0132 a hundred ninety 260 132
4T0160 240 302 a hundred and sixty


Power enter Enter voltage (380-460)V(-fifteen% ~ +ten%), a few period source, voltage unbalance <3%
Input frequency (forty five-sixty five)Hz
Instantaneous CZPT drop Under voltage defense when the enter voltage is significantly less than AC300V in the CZPT source AC(380-460)V
Power output Voltage OVAC- enter voltage
Output frequency V/F control: (.00/three hundred.00) Hz,
Overload level Heavy load: a hundred and fifty%,60S
Digital IO Output frequency precision ±0.01%(electronic command -10 ~+45ºC) ±0.1%(analog command 25±10ºC)
Opto-isolator enter eight – channel, 24V lively large and low settable and enter perform definable
Open up collector output four – channel , output functions definable
Relay output 2 – channel generally open, 2 – channel normally open up and typically shut contacts
Analog input and output Analog voltage input 2 – channel, voltage: (-ten~ +10)VDC or present : (-twenty)mA optional signal
Potentiometer voltage Supply +10VDC CZPT offer (highest 20mA) for the potentiometer set speed.
Manage characteristics Handle method V/F management
Starting method 2.50Hz, 150%
Regular speed precision ±2%, receive ±0.5% precision in case of slip payment
Provider frequency two-8KHZ, diverse default CZPT frequency for diverse inverter CZPT
Frequency environment resolution .01Hz(digital command), ±0.06Hz/120Hz(analog command eleven little bit unsigned)
Torque payment Automated torque compensation and manual torque payment
V/F curve Person-outlined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 5 reduced torque characteristic curves
Computerized voltage regulation (AVR) Instantly alter the obligation cycle of PWM sign in accordance to the bus voltage fluctuation
Computerized frequency regulation Computerized adjust the output frequency with the bus voltage fluctuation for maintain the torque consistent.
instantaneous cease processing Obtain steady procedure via bus voltage manage in situation of instantaneous CZPT failure
DC braking potential Braking present: (.-120.% rated existing.
Common DC bus The total series may possibly achieve CZPT source of several inverters by typical DC bus.
Environmental situations Utilization occasion Preserve out of direct daylight, dust, corrosive gases, flamable gases, oil mist, water vapor or dropping h2o.
Environment temperature (-10~+40)ºC
Altitude <1000m
Environment humidity (5-95)%, no condensation permitted
Vibration 3.5m/s², 2-9Hz, 10m/s², 9-120Hz
Defense grade IP20
Other people Cooling manner Pressured air cooling





Plant Review

These NEMA c-aircraft reducers are gear energy, upkeep-cost-free, and can be installed in any orientation with a slip match “O” ring style. Accessible in lower to higher reduction ratios, flange mount or base mount designs, proper angle or hollow shaft proper angle variations. Put in NEMA C-Face AC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushed DC motors. For 1/2 HP to 3 HP Motors NEMA 56C, 140TC, and 180TC Enter Flange Inline Helical Equipment Reducers Proper Angle Hypoid Equipment Reducers
china shop (380-460)V  Variable Frequency Drive iAstar input function definable VFD manufacturers