china supplier V&T V9 Inverter/VFD Strong Torque and Stability High Precision with Encoder Feedback Close Loop Vector Contorl manufacturers

Solution Description

V9 Series General objective CZPT
Easy Control / CZPT ly Interface/ Multifunction Procedure / CZPT CZPT ion

About Product
The V9−H Sequence Standard Objective CZPT is a large-overall performance vector control and torque-controlled inverter. Vector handle techniques and torque manage strategies are used. The V9−H solution voltage variety 220V and 380V, CZPT selection .75Kw to 630Kw. It can suit synchronous and asynchronous motor. Synchronous open up loop, Synchronous shut loop, Asynchronous V/F, Asynchronous shut loop, Asynchronous vector, these manage modes can meet CZPT needs.

Agent Sector
Equipment instrument market, CZPT , CZPT sector, Air compressor industry, Papermaking business, Oilfield, Plastic market, CZPT processing, Municipal CZPT , Textile industry, CZPT and packaging, CZPT mining, Processing middle, Wooden processing, Cable CZPT ry, Meals CZPT , CZPT ctric Vehicles, Centrifuges and CZPT -stop applications ect.


Δ   Multiple System Loop Handle Modes

Placement loop

Velocity loop

Torque loop

Δ  CZPT Command Variety Is Flexible and Handy

Modbus communication

Keyboard given

Analog presented

Multi-section velocity provided

Terminal UP/DN given

Procedure PID offered

Easy PLC velocity presented

Δ  Multiple Managing Directions Environment Approaches

Modbus conversation

Keyboard presented

Terminal provided

Δ  LED Operation Panel / Lcd Liquid Crystal Procedure Panel Are Optional

Modbus communication, regular community port connection are adopted in LED procedure panel / Liquid crystal display liquid crystal procedure panel

The structure of the button accords with ergonomic principle

A single-button parameter entry and exit,easy to work

Parameter duplicate operate, remote manage box operate (up to 500m) can be understood by the procedure panel

The procedure panel has a password lock operate to avoid CZPT -pros from shifting parameters by error

Δ  Higher Laptop Conversation

Give 485 communication interface, the conversation protocol is Modbus

Parameter add and obtain functions can be implemented


Induction motors, also identified as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic area of the stator to create recent in the rotor, therefore generating torque. These motors do not run at a speed in sync with the recent, that’s why the title. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to change electrical power into mechanical strength. Induction motor rotors are the most common type of AC motor discovered in pumps, compressors, and other devices of all varieties.
china supplier V&T V9 Inverter/VFD Strong Torque and Stability High Precision with Encoder Feedback Close Loop Vector Contorl manufacturers