china best AC Induction Motor Controller 60V 400A as Electric Car Kit manufacturers

Solution Description

AC Induction Motor CZPT 60V400A EIF-ASD760 with DC CZPT CZPT

First, make sure you have a Rapid Look at if this design is  you are looking for:    
1. CZPT  EIF-ASD760 supports rated voltage of DC CZPT provide at 60V, preset continous existing at 130A, max existing at 400A.  More Design list. 

 EIFASD Collection CZPT CZPT CZPT nical Specification 

Rated Voltage Input Voltage Assortment Rated Present Max Current Matching CZPT Rated CZPT Product No.
48V 40-60V 110A, 180A 300A,400A 5-7.5KW ASD548,ASD748
60V 40-75V 120A,130A 400A,500A five-10KW ASD560,ASD76-,ASD1060
72V 50-96V 130A 400A,500A five-10KW ASD572,ASD772,ASD1072
96V 75-110V 130A 400A,500A seven.5-10KW ASD796,ASD1096

Matching motor EIF-AS sequence 7.5kw, can find this one particular under CZPT “ac induction motor” in produced-in-china, or get specification from CZPT EIFPMG site. 

two. It can be commonly applied for electric car, cnc equipment resources, general business use and you need to have the appropriate management approach.                                          
3. Please check out the drawing below to see if you have enough area to set up it. The generate need to be as close as attainable to the motor.                    
4. Remember to ship your details to get technical consultation for your genuine utilization

Principal Parameter:

Rated Voltage Input Voltage Range Rated Present Max Current Matching CZPT Rated CZPT Design No.
60V forty-75V 130A 400A seven.5KW ASD760

Examination Report of EIFASD CZPT with CZPT Data: please get total test report from CZPT complex department  
please see examination videos at CZPT youtube channel. 
EIFPMG youtube channel https://electric (EIFPMG guides a full collection of EIF CZPT , EIF micro grid, we use EIFPMG to contain all.)

Drawing: please reconfirm drawing with technical engineer to steer clear of up-to-date drawing. please attention to your installation room!

What we will do for you:                        
1. supply specialized specialist just before order and verify your real technological necessity according to your description on use within 1-3 functioning days                        
2. offer the correct and authorized below critical good quality inspection program stepper motor design inside of ten times(if CZPT ized design,we will recheck the shipping time)                        
3. give technological assistance when the motor arrives you, to make positive you can run your device easily with CZPT motor               
four. give 1 year warranty, and whole existence complex support                        
5. constantly update CZPT merchandise data with you.       

You should have a general effect on CZPT rigid manufacturing by images:           


Our work for motor and travel method in electric vehicle and automation discipline application : about EIFMotor                        
2012-2013: Dependent on CZPT production and RD capacity of long term magnet generator, we commenced to create long term magnet brushless motor for electrical motor vehicle, and expanded motor programs to standard business use with its substantial performance.                    
2014: We expanded motor company to brushless dc, stepper/servo, asynchronous motor push program, and made it as an crucial seperate component of organization EIFMOTOR.                    
2015-2018: We improved CZPT motor strengths on facets: improve motor check line, combine servo motor, generate with gearbox to fulfil as intelligent device, expand apps of asynchrnous motor to be a special CZPT ized motor component For one more portion, we have cooperation with SUNATE EV, we can assistance EV assembly line building projects, and provide CZPT motor generate technique together.                    

Now we have EIFMotor absorbedly strengthening automation and EV motor generate program discipline apps. We are putting CZPT enthusiasm and energy in this excellent job.

Remember to comply with us at website, , and youtube channel and increase automation and EV motor purposes up together!


AC motors vary from a lot of other sorts of motors, specially some of the more acquainted DC (direct present) motors, by several critical criteria. The most simple of these is the simple fact that an AC motor relies totally on the alternating current around its circuit to make efficient mechanical strength. We will discuss this distinctive process in a lot more depth in the subsequent sections of this guidebook.
china best AC Induction Motor Controller 60V 400A as Electric Car Kit manufacturers