china factory 11kv-35kv Frwquency Inverter VFD manufacturers

Merchandise Description

11KV-35KV frwquency inverter vfd

Medium voltage frequency inverter

In the IDrive 2000 Sequence, a sequence of low voltage cells are connected jointly to construct the medium voltage CZPT output of the generate system. With this topology, the push can be scaled specifically for a extremely extensive assortment of voltage and output CZPT .

The Principal Operate
one. Self-adjusted output voltage
2. Spining load operation
3. Below-voltage Trip Via
four. DC Braking
5. Critical Frequency Skip
6. CZPT Tuning
seven. Slip Payment
eight. Precharging
nine. Synchronous Transfer

  Voltage selection   3.3kv-10kv
  CZPT assortment   200–11000kw
  CZPT . output frequency   –  120Hz
  CZPT /near loop control   Sensorless vector handle (optionally with sensor)
  Communication with all current BUS methods
  CZPT matic motor identification
  CZPT matic begin-up
  Degree of defense   IP32(air cooling),     IP42(air cooling)
  Management program   DSP, FPGA, CPLD, PLC, HMI

Induction motors, also identified as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic discipline of the stator to generate recent in the rotor, therefore creating torque. These motors do not operate at a velocity in sync with the recent, hence the title. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to change electrical power into mechanical power. Induction motor rotors are the most common sort of AC motor identified in pumps, compressors, and other equipment of all kinds.
china factory 11kv-35kv Frwquency Inverter VFD manufacturers