china factory Chziri Frequency Inverter/ Converter/AC Drive 110kw Ce CCC Approved manufacturers

Product Description

ZVF300 75kW frequency Converter is new items in ZIRI organization.

ZVF300 Collection frequency converter are large functionality open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and long term synchronous motors.

Output frequency: -600Hz.
A number of password defense mode
Remote control operation keypad, hassle-free for remote control.
V/F curve &multi-inflection stage location, versatile configuration.
Keyboard parameter duplicate purpose. Easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters.
Broad sector software. To increase special purpose according to diverse industries.
Multiple hardware and software program security and optimized components for anti-interference technology.
Multi-stage pace and wobble frequency working (exterior terminal 15 methods pace control).
Unique adaptive handle engineering. CZPT current limiting and voltage restricting and underneath-voltage restrain.
Optimized exterior installation and interior construction and independent air flue layout, completely enclosed electrical space design.
Output automated voltage regulation function. (AVR), instantly modify the output pulse width. To get rid of the influence of the grid adjust on load.
Constructed-in PID regulation purpose to aid the realization of closed loop handle of the temperature, stress and circulation. And lessen the expense of the manage method.
Standard MODBUS communication protocol. Straightforward to achieve the communication in between PLC, IPC and other industrial equipments.

Single-phase motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field traits of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic field produced by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the growth and contraction of the stator’s magnetic area produce an electrical current in the rotor. The recent makes the rotor magnetic field with the reverse polarity to the stator magnetic subject. The reverse polarity applies rotational drive to the higher and reduce components of the rotor. Considering that this pressure passes through the center of the rotor, it stays equivalent in each and every route, retaining the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts off to switch, it carries on to switch in the route it began, due to the fact the rotor’s momentum produces a rotational force in that route. Solitary-period motors are used in minimal-power apps these kinds of as ceiling fans, mixer grinders, and home appliances this sort of as transportable electricity instruments.
china factory Chziri Frequency Inverter/ Converter/AC Drive 110kw Ce CCC Approved manufacturers