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Merchandise Description

ZVF9V-P Blower/Water Pump Specific Frequency CZPT

Enter Voltage (V) Output Voltage(V) Electrical power Range (kW)
A few section 380V ± 20% A few period ~Input Voltage one.5kW~400kW
Overload capability :one hundred twenty% 1 minute a hundred and fifty% 1 CZPT 180% transient safety

Principal Attributes for pump frequency inverter
ZVF9V-P Series frequency inverter has good result strength saving discover velocity adjustment , secure operating .delicate begin,  protection  purpose and self diagnostics fault and other advantages.
1.Superior vector management algorithm , combine  with accurate velocity calculation and self finding out of the motor parameter. It can recognize the precision management of motor speed and torque beneath no- velocity sensor mode. V/F and CZPT can be picked.
two.Optimized place voltage vector PWM modulation strategy, in excess of modulation, higher
Voltage- utilization, low output harmonic, and it greatly increases the security of the motor and switching losses.
3.Great procedure characteristic of lower frequency operating , can be realized  .5HZ/one hundred fifty% torque output beneath no-speed sensor manner.
4.LED screen and detachable keypad . exhibit frequency , present ,parameters ,error and ect .
the user can work very easily.
5.Manage terminals can be analog voltage output . existing output and digital pulse  output . Voltage , current ,pulse .COM and other numerous frequency setting mode . It can attain the overlay operate of different source . The frequency management mode is extremely adaptable.
6.Plentiful features: computerized voltage regulation control, automated slip Compensation,
restart when CZPT off ect. Can meet the demand of diverse consumers.
7.Customization operate design and style :plan running, wobble frequency working, PID handle operation , timing function ,counter functions ect. can be convenient to sort and  satisfy the  diverse industrial application .
eight.Built-in RS485 Port Compat with MODEBUS communication protocol, It can  comprehend networked control.
nine. CZPT strong protection  perform: Above voltage, over current , more than load, below voltage, over warmth , quick circuit and so on , can supply far more than 20 kinds fault defense operate for consumers.
Software Variety :

ZVF9V-P Collection frequency inverter is appropriate for driving and speed handle of blower fan, h2o pump electrical equipment. Built-in PID function, which is specially  appropriate for circulation ,pressure ,air ,temperature and other  slow physical alter of process manage .

Application range: Blower enthusiast . Water Pump and Music CZPT and so on .

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Merchandise   Product Description
input Rated voltage, frequency Solitary/A few stage 220VAC, a few section 380VAC, fifty/60HZ
Allowable voltage variety Voltage fluctuation variety:-twenty% ~+twenty%
Voltage unbalance charge<3% frequency fluctuation<±20%
Output Rated Voltage Three phase: ~ enter voltage
Frequency ~400HZ
Overload capacity Variety G: a hundred and fifty% 1 minute , 180% 1 CZPT two hundred% transient defense .
Kind P: one hundred twenty% 1 moment , a hundred and fifty% 1 CZPT one hundred eighty% transient security
Control                        function            Modulation capability Best space voltage vector PWM modulation
Manage approach Velocity sensorless vector handle(SVC)
Frequency accuracy Digital environment: CZPT .frequency x±0.01%
Analog location: CZPT .frequency x±0.2%
Frequency resolution Electronic location:.01Hz, Analog location : CZPT . Frequencyx0.1%
Starting up frequency .00~10.00HZ
Troque lifting Automated torque lifting: To carry the torque automatically according to the output present.
Hand-operated torque lifting : Selection:.1~thirty.%.
Slip payment Location range: ~a hundred and fifty%. The inverter output frequency can be vehicle-controlled inside this selection in accordance to the motor load so as to lessen the speed variation of the motor because of to load fluctuation .
Acceleration/ Deceleration .1~3600. sec/min, which can be established in sequence.
Provider frequency one.~fifteen.0KHz
Jog Perform Jog frequency assortment:.01~400.0HZ, Jog acceleration/Deceleration time, .1~3600. can be set.
V/F curve 1.linear curve, 2. quadratic curve (conic) 3.Consumer outlined V/F curve.
Automatic power-conserving operation Automobile optimize V/F curve in accordance to load fluctuation to understand power -preserving operation.
Automobile voltage regulation (AVR) When the network voltage modifications, it can regulate PWM output routinely to preserve constant voltage.
Built -in PID This can form a convenient shut-loop handle program (CLCS), and is applicable to stress management, movement management and other approach control .

ZVF300 Collection frequency inverters are substantial performance open up loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and everlasting synchronous motors .

Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage(V) Energy Variety (kW)
Solitary section 220V± 20% A few stage ~Enter Voltage .4kW~2.2kW
Three period 380V ± twenty% Three stage ~Enter Voltage .75kW~630kW
Overload capability :one hundred fifty% 1 minute 180% 1 CZPT two hundred% transient protection

Major Features for ZVF300 Frequency CZPT

one.Output frequencyof ZVF300 Frequency CZPT   :-600Hz.
two.Numerous password protection manner
three.Distant management procedure keypad, practical for remote manage.
4.V/F curve &multi-inflection level placing, versatile configuration .
five.Keyboard parameter duplicate purpose . easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters .
six.Broad industry application . to broaden particular purpose according to diverse industries.
seven.Numerous hardware and computer software safety and optimized components for anti-interference engineering.
8.Multi-action speed and wobble  frequency running  (external terminal 15 methods velocity manage).
nine.Exclusive adaptive handle technology . CZPT current limiting and voltage restricting and below-voltage restrain .
10.Optimized exterior set up and inner construction and impartial air flue design and style , completely enclosed electrical space style .
11.Output automated voltage regulation perform .(AVR),automatically adjust the output pulse width . to get rid of the  influence  of the grid adjust on load .
twelve.Created-in PID regulation operate to aid the  realization of closed loop handle of the temperature ,force and movement . and reduce the price of the control technique .
13.Standard MODBUS interaction protocol . straightforward to obtain the interaction among PLC,IPC and other industrial equipments.

Inverter Outline Dimension(Unit:mm)

ZVF300 Frequency CZPT Model Variety Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.

Inverter Design
   Dimension (mm) Figure
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300-G0R4S2MD .4 2.four 185 175 118 108 170 four Fig.1
ZVF300-G0R7S2MD .seventy five seven.five
ZVF300-G1R5S2MD 1.five 7. 185 175 118 108 190 four
ZVF300-G2R2S2MD two.2 10
ZVF300-G0R7T4MD .seventy five two.five 185 175 118 108 170 four
ZVF300-G1R5T4MD 1.five three.7
ZVF300-G2R2T4MD 2.two 5.
ZVF300-G3R7/P5R5T4MD 3.7/5.five nine./thirteen 215 205 145 135 193 four
ZVF300-G5R5/P7R5T4MD 5.5/7.5 13/17
ZVF300-G7R5/P011T4MD seven.5/eleven 17/twenty five 265 253 185 174 215 five.5
ZVF300-G011/P015T4MD eleven/15 twenty five/33
ZVF300-G015/P018T4MD 15/18.five 33/37 380 360 220 140 230 6 Fig.2
ZVF300-G018/P571T4MD 18.5/22 37/forty five
ZVF300-G571/P030T4M 22/thirty 45/60 460 443 260 177 268 6
ZVF300-G030/P037T4M 30/37 sixty/75
ZVF300-G037/P045T4M 37/forty five 75/90 620 603 265 182 300 8
ZVF300-G045/P055T4M 45/55 ninety/110
ZVF300-G055/P075T4M 55/75 110/a hundred and fifty
ZVF300-G075/P090T4M 75/90 one hundred fifty/176 720 702 365 240 360 9
ZVF300-G090/P110T4M 90/a hundred and ten 176/210
ZVF300-G110/P132T4M 110/132 210/253
ZVF300-G132/P160T4M 132/160 253/three hundred 1190   493   390   Fig.3
ZVF300-G160/P185T4M 160/185 300/340
ZVF300-G185/P200T4M 185/200 340/380
ZVF300-G200/P220T4M two hundred/220 380/420 1600   660   415  
ZVF300-G220/P250T4M 220/250 420/470
ZVF300-G250/P280T4M 250/280 470/520
ZVF300-G280/P315T4M 280/315 520/600
ZVF300-G315/P350T4M 315/350 600/640 1750   750   470  
ZVF300-G350/P400T4M 350/400 640/690
ZVF300-G400/P450T4M four hundred/450 690/790
ZVF300-G450/P500T4M 450/500 790/860 1900   950   520    
ZVF300-G500/P560T4M 500/560 860/950
ZVF300-G560/P630T4M 560/630 950/1100
ZVF300-G630T4M 630 1100


1.   Can I get some samples?
Of course, Sample order is CZPT for quality examine and marketplace test .But you have to shell out for it .
2.   What is actually supply time?
It usually takes about 3-5 functioning times for little buy and 10-fifteen days for huge buy .
three.   What is actually your payment phrases?
We usually acknowledge all types of payment terms .Such as T/T,L/C, CZPT ern CZPT .Cash.
4.   What is your guarantee phrases?
We supply 12 months guarantee time .
5.   Do you have the goods in stock?
Relies upon on your ask for ,We have normal versions in inventory. Some special products and big buy will be recently produced in accordance to your buy .
6.   Can I mix various CZPT in one container .
Indeed ,Various versions can be blended up in one container ,even one particular order .
seven.   How does your factory do the quality management?
Good quality is priority ,we usually attach the importance to top quality management from the commencing to the end of the creation .every solution will be completely assembled and meticulously analyzed ahead of packing and delivery .
eight.   Can you offer spare parts ?
If you are making use of CHZIRI products .we can offer spare parts to you . But we couldn’t promote the 50 percent-finished goods.
nine.I would like to know if you have a companion for export?
Sure .CHZIRI CZPT ctrical have the proper to export and can offer electrical product all over the entire world..
10. Can you make the inverter and gentle starter control boards (switchgear)?
Yes. We have a whole lot of encounter to layout frequency inverter and delicate starter cabinet according to your request . But you can send us the wiring diagram .
11.Can the inverter join with laptop?
Sure .All inverters have constructed-in RS485 port .and support Modbus interaction protocol.
12.How can I CZPT you ?
The core of CHZIRI electrical lifestyle is honesty and loyalty .our firm has been audited and authorized ISO9001,CE.CCC. Assessment report will CZPT sent to you by e-mail .also .we are the created-in-china’s gold provider considering that 2008.Now we have customers all about the world .


The rotor of a reluctance motor is made up of a reliable cast metal element with a convex toothed rack. Their commencing approach is equivalent to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Usually, their rotors have fewer poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and stops perfect pole alignment, as no torque is developed in that location. Reluctance motors assortment in electrical power scores from a few watts to about 22 kilowatts.
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