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Product Description




Item Description

Product Introduction
AS620 inverter is the most recent inverter designed for the elevate marketplace and is also employed for the elevate driving occasions. With the use of the motor management method fully synchronous with the intercontinental CZPT d method, the solution has the exact same exceptional handle overall performance with large-stop intercontinental inverter and, merged with the software traits of the Chinese lifts, more strengthens the item reliability, environmental adaptation and CZPT and skilled design and can well meet the software requirements of the constructing hoists.

Complex functions

  1. A selection of V/F curves, meeting CZPT area usage requirements.
  2. Constructive and negative torque start and fixed torque commence for much better convenience.
  3. Protected and dependable AFR operate.
  4. Brake control purpose to stay away from complete sliding.
  5. Hopping frequency control perform to successfully keep away from the resonance level of mechanical load.
  6. Computerized slip compensation to decrease the influence of load alter on the motor speed.
  7. New PWM lifeless zone payment technologies effectively decreases the motor loss.

Software industries

Focus on software item: building hoist

Item Parameters

Inverter product
Rated Capability Rated output current (A) Adaptive motor (KW)
4T05P5 9 13 five.5
4T07P5 thirteen 18 7.five
4T0011 19 27 eleven
4T0015 24 34 fifteen
4T18P5 29 41 eighteen.5
4T0571 34 48 22
4T0030 45 sixty five thirty
4T0037 55 80 37
4T0045 sixty eight ninety seven 45
4T0055 89 128 55
4T0075 a hundred and fifteen one hundred sixty five seventy five
4T0090 125 one hundred eighty 90
4T0110 150 216 a hundred and ten
4T0132 one hundred ninety 260 132
4T0160 240 302 one hundred sixty


Power enter Enter voltage (380-460)V(-15% ~ +10%), a few stage provide, voltage unbalance <3%
Enter frequency (45-65)Hz
Instantaneous CZPT fall Underneath voltage defense when the enter voltage is considerably less than AC300V in the CZPT provide AC(380-460)V
Power output Voltage OVAC- input voltage
Output frequency V/F handle: (.00/three hundred.00) Hz,
Overload degree Large load: 150%,60S
Digital IO Output frequency precision ±0.01%(electronic command -10 ~+45ºC) ±0.1%(analog command 25±10ºC)
Opto-isolator enter eight – channel, 24V lively higher and low settable and input perform definable
Open up collector output 4 – channel , output functions definable
Relay output 2 – channel typically open, 2 – channel generally open up and usually closed contacts
Analog enter and output Analog voltage input 2 – channel, voltage: (-10~ +10)VDC or existing : (-20)mA optional sign
Potentiometer voltage Supply +10VDC CZPT source (optimum 20mA) for the potentiometer set speed.
Handle qualities Manage manner V/F manage
Starting up mode two.50Hz, one hundred fifty%
Constant speed precision ±2%, get ±0.5% precision in circumstance of slip compensation
Carrier frequency 2-8KHZ, various default CZPT frequency for distinct inverter CZPT
Frequency placing resolution .01Hz(digital command), ±0.06Hz/120Hz(analog command eleven little bit unsigned)
Torque payment Computerized torque payment and guide torque compensation
V/F curve Consumer-outlined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 5 lowered torque attribute curves
Automated voltage regulation (AVR) Instantly alter the obligation cycle of PWM signal according to the bus voltage fluctuation
Computerized frequency regulation Automatic change the output frequency with the bus voltage fluctuation for keep the torque continual.
instantaneous cease processing Obtain steady operation through bus voltage manage in scenario of instantaneous CZPT failure
DC braking ability Braking present: (.-one hundred twenty.% rated recent.
Common DC bus The entire sequence may possibly achieve CZPT offer of many inverters by frequent DC bus.
Environmental circumstances Usage event Hold out of immediate daylight, dust, corrosive gases, flamable gases, oil mist, drinking water vapor or dropping h2o.
Environment temperature (-10~+40)ºC
Altitude <1000m
Setting humidity (5-ninety five)%, no condensation permitted
Vibration three.5m/s², 2-9Hz, 10m/s², 9-120Hz
Security quality IP20
Other folks Cooling mode Pressured air cooling





Plant Evaluation

AC motors are also various from DC motors simply because most AC motors do not include brushes. This means that upkeep and areas alternative requirements for AC motors are likely to be substantially diminished, with most end users generally anticipating a lengthier average lifespan. As opposed to DC motors, the output pace of many kinds of AC motors is frequently determined by inverter control – once again, we will briefly define a variety of prospective variations on the basic AC motor model.
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