china near me Suitable for 130mm 1.5kw AC Motor Phase Single AC Servo Motor Drive Used for CNC Machine Tool Servo Drive Single Phase Automatic manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Suitable for 130mm 1.5KW AC motor phase solitary AC servo motor travel employed for CNC machine resource servo push one phase automatic

Characteristic Description

Tremendous Balance motor selects high functionality and large magnetic vitality of unusual-earth long lasting magnet substance, and has substantial temperature resistance, to guarantee the balance of the operation of the motor
Higher CZPT utilizing double shut-loop flow and pressure management, motor of speed and torque can be modified quickly, hence recognizing the pump strain and circulation charge of the output precision handle, drastically enhance the repeatable precision of die-casting device
High Performance can use the instantaneous overload potential of motor and oil pump, and CZPT reaction traits, significantly include the technique of dynamic response overall performance, thereby compressing the empty cycle time and strength storage time, force rises speedily.
Power Preserving according to the specifications of manufacturing procedure to offer hydraulic CZPT , strength saving result is obvious, can accomplish 40%-70% CZPT conserving rate 

Merchandise Specifications

Model Variety:130ZFMA1-01D5CIN(Y)M-SV   Unit   1.5KW CZPT inertia ZFMA
Flange Dimension   mm   one hundred thirty
Rated Voltage   V   AC220
Rated CZPT   W   1500
Rated Torque   N.m   seven.sixteen
Instantaneous peak torque   N.m   21.five
Rated Present   Arms   eight
 Instantaneous peak current   Arms   24
Rated speed   r/min   2000
Maximum velocity   r/min   3000
Torque constant   N.m/A   .895
Three-phase induced voltage constant


  MV(r/min)   35.2
Rated CZPT change rate (without brake)   KW/S   fifty six
Rated CZPT change rate (with brake)   KW/S   49.three
Mechanical time continual (with no brake)   ms   one.41
Mechanical time constant (with brake)   ms   one.six
 Electrical time consistent   ms
Motor rotor inertia (with out brake)   ×10-4kg*m2   nine.two
Motor rotor inertia (with brake)   ×10-4kg*m2   10.five
 Motor top quality (without brake)   kg   6.two
Motor good quality (with brake)   kg   8.1
Brake performance para.  Purpose    
Rated voltage   V   DC24±10%
 rated CZPT     W   23
Static friction torque   N.m   ≥16
 Attract time   ms   <80
Release time   ms   <40
Release voltage   V   >0.5
 Running sound   d B   <65


Manufacturing & Package

Company Display Place

About OULU

Oulu CZPT ctric Corp.,Ltd (Inventory quantity 871415) was proven in 1996 with 35000 m^2 producing plant in HangZhou, CZPT . For much more than twenty five years we have been committed to the study&produce, manufacture and income of new power and industrial automation. 

Our goods collection includes  wind turbine turbines, photo voltaic CZPT program, controller, inverter, frequency changer, servo motor and servo drives with large good quality.


one. Are you manufacturing unit?
Sure, we are facotry, and we create AC motor/driver, Servo motor/driver and planetary reducer for more then thirteen many years in CZPT .

two. How to pick types?
Before acquiring, please contact us to verify model No. and technical specs to avoid any misunderstanding.

3. How do you ship the items?
We generally ship goods by sea ,by specific(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS), and by air, also acknowledge CZPT er appointed.

4. Can I test sample?
Indeed, sample billed can be presented for screening.
5. Can we be agent or distributor?
Yes, welcome and we will assist you.

6. Can you do CZPT or ODM services?
Indeed, we have R&D section and accept CZPT and ODM service.

7. How about warranty?
eighteen MONTH warranty, technological help CZPT , we always attempt CZPT greatest to support CZPT ers to resolve problems

An AC motor is a type of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a current that periodically reverses course and alterations its magnitude of the existing more than time. This current is the opposite of a direct current or “DC” which flows in only a single route. AC motors can give a relatively productive way to create mechanical vitality from a easy electrical input signal.
china near me Suitable for 130mm 1.5kw AC Motor Period Single AC Servo Motor Drive Employed for CNC Equipment Device Servo Push Solitary Stage Automatic companies