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Item Description

CZPT metal motor CZPT Duty computerized doorway travel


ten million occasions of tests handed&comma super durable
one&period Vast voltage variety&lparAC80-250V&rpar
2&period of time Minimal CZPT usage when at operate&lpar100W&rpar&comma energy saving when at leisure&lpar3W&rpar
3&interval CZPT style&comma simple to put in and alter&period
four&period of time Digital applications&comma running parameters can be revised very easily&time period
five&period of time Brushless motor&comma worm-geared&comma increased effectiveness&comma greater torque and CZPT er daily life span&comma fully concealed&interval
6&period of time CZPT ent triggering modes&comma these kinds of as microwave sensor&comma infrared sensor&comma mechnical keys&comma finger printer&comma firewarning&comma and so forth&interval&interval&period

Brushless motor doorways constantly works CZPT and CZPT
Automatic Doorway Operator Sliding Doorway Operator with Brushless CZPT CZPT matic sliding doorway technique CZPT Doorway Operator CZPT Door Operator CZPT ctric Sliding CZPT Door Operator Brushless CZPT type automatic door operator CZPT matic sliding door
Dependable & Very Procedure
 1&period of time CZPT pean layout assure its sleek and stable working&time period
 2&period of time CZPT damping-washer&comma CZPT d synchronous toothed belt and alloy guide roller make confident there  is number of noise when it operates&period of time

A lot more CZPT ful Design
 It applies 24V&comma 120W bruthless motor &comma high strength guidebook profile and three rollers’ carriage which can maintain max 350kg&interval These 3 points can ensure CZPT doorway opener can maintain about 350kg x 2 double open and 350kg single open doorway panels&interval

1&rpar CE Certification
two&rpar 2 years guarantee
3&rpar Loading capacity350kg&ast2
four&rpar CZPT &colon80-250V fifty-60HZ
five&rpar 8 microprocessor digital controller
Automated glass sliding doorway
one&period H-8 can be tailored to a vast assortment of different doorway and CZPT er needs&time period
two&period Straightforward installation
For the duration of the set up the operator is programmed to comply with the CZPT ers distinct specifications&time period
three&time period Protection
Automated protection car reverse when an obstacle is encountered in closing course&periodThe safety can be even more improved by using basic safety beam sensors&period of time Men and women or objects in the doorway are detected and the doorway is then prevented from closing right up until it is safe to do so&period
four&period of time Crisis
The H-8 can automatically opens or closes the doorways&lparusing battery pack up&rpar
-in the function of a CZPT failure&time period The H-8 can also be interfaced with fireplace
five&period of time Self-monitoring
The microprocessor has an integral self-checking device which detects any
interference or faulty signals in door procedure and will take necessary steps to make certain a secure operation&period of time

Aggressive Edge&colon
1&comma Wide voltage &lparAC80-250V&rparlow CZPT intake when at perform&comma energy saving when at leisure &interval
two&comma CZPT design&comma easy to set up and modify &time period
three&comma Digital packages&comma working parameters can be revised effortlessly&period of time
4&comma Specially designed sounds-reduction track rail makes noise tremendously&commaensure the rollers run efficiently &time period
five&comma CZPT d brushless DC motor and the worm-reduction gear are integrated together &periodwhich has rewards these kinds of as higher effectiveness&comma big torque and CZPT er lifestyle span &commano want for mechanical lock &time period
6&comma CZPT ent triggering modes are CZPT &comma these kinds of as fireplace warning&comma security beam sensor&comma take care of button&comma and so on&period
seven&comma 1 thousands and thousands times of exams handed&interval
eight&comma CE&commaSGS&commaIS09000&commaCQC
9&comma CZPT very&comma safe&time period



One-Winged Bi-parting  
Design H-8 H-8S  
Door CZPT ght 500kgX1&lpardoor&rpar 400kgx2&lpardoor&rpar  
Door Width DW&equals500mm to 6000mm DW&equals500mm to 6000mm  
Set up Floor Put in Surface area Install  
Motor DC24V Brushless DC CZPT DC24V Brushless DC CZPT  
Controller The Micro-controller The Micro-controller  
Electricity Usage 120W 120W  
Voltage AC80 to 250V &lparRegulate&rpar AC80 to 250V &lparRegulate&rpar  
Environmental Temperate -20’c to &plus50’c -20’c to &plus50’c  
Volume 60decibel&lparmax&rpar 60decibel&lparmax&rpar  
Commencing CZPT 500mm&solsecond 410mm&solsecond  
Starting up Instances Regulate from &period5 CZPT to 20 CZPT Control from &period5 CZPT to 20 CZPT  
Transmission Rack belt one hundred fifty S8M Rack belt 150 S8M  
Open doorway range  &colon Entire-open up &solHalf-open&lparThe distance can be controlled&rpar Entire-open up &solHalf-open up&lparThe distance can
be regulated&rpar
PFC CZPT efficiency &colon &period95 &lparAC100 Total load&rpar &period95 &lparAC100 Entire load&rpar


AC motors differ from numerous other varieties of motors, specifically some of the much more familiar DC (direct present) motors, by numerous crucial conditions. The most fundamental of these is the truth that an AC motor depends entirely on the alternating existing about its circuit to produce powerful mechanical vitality. We are going to go over this distinctive approach in far more depth in the pursuing sections of this information.
china sales Stainless Steel Motor Heavy Duty Automatic Door Drive manufacturers