china supplier 380V 50-60Hz Power 30kw AC Customized Inverter with CE Approval manufacturers

Product Description

Merchandise Description
Large CZPT ed AC380 fifty-60Hz 3 Phase Frequency CZPT CZPT with Ce Acceptance

The AC900 collection inverter is a general high-efficiency recent vector inverter designed to manage and control the pace of a three-phase asynchronous/induction motor. AC900 adopts higher-efficiency vector handle technological innovation, low speed and large torque output, with very good dynamic traits and superior overload capacity.

AC drive Energy capacity(KVA) Input Recent A Output Recent A Adaptable CZPT
KW.              HP
AC900-4T0.75G one.5 three.4 two.1 .seventy five 1
AC900-4T1.5G 3. five. three.8 1.five two
AC900-4T2.2G four. five.eight two.two 3
AC900-4T3.0G five. eight. 7. three. four
AC900-4T4.0G five.nine ten.5 nine. 4. 5
AC900-4T5.5G 8.nine 14.six 13. 5.five seven.five
AC900-4T7.5G eleven. twenty.5 seventeen. 7.five ten
AC900-4T11G 17. 26. 25. 11. 15
AC900-4T15G 21. 35. 32. fifteen. twenty
AC900-4T18.5G 24. 38.5 37. 18.five 25
AC900-4T22G 30. forty six.5 forty five. 22 30
AC900-4T30G 40. sixty two. 60. thirty forty
AC900-4T37G 57. seventy six. seventy five. 37 fifty
AC900-4T45G sixty nine. ninety two. ninety one. 45 60
AC900-4T55G 85. 113. 112. fifty five 70
AC900-4T75G 114. 157. a hundred and fifty. seventy five one hundred
AC900-4T90G 134 one hundred eighty 176 ninety a hundred twenty five
AC900-4T110G one hundred sixty 214 210 110 one hundred fifty
AC900-4T132G 192 256 253 132 a hundred seventy five
AC900-4T160G 231 307 304 one hundred sixty 250
AC900-4T200G 250 385 377 two hundred three hundred
AC900-4T220G 280 430 426 220 300
AC900-4T250G 355 468 465 250 four hundred
AC900-4T280G 396 525 520 280 370
AC900-4T315G 445 590 585 315 500
AC900-4T355G 500 665 650 355 420
AC900-4T400G 565 785 725 four hundred 530


Purpose description of manage circut terminal

Variety Terminal Title Function  Description
Power CZPT +10V-GND Exterior +ten V
electricity offer
Supply +10 V CZPT offer to external device.
Typically, it offers CZPT supply to external
potentiometer with resistance selection of 1-5kΩ.
Greatest output present:10mA
+24V-COM Exterior +24 V
electrical power supply
Supply +24 V CZPT supply to exterior device.
Generally, it supplies CZPT provide to DI/DO
terminals and external sensors.
Maximum output recent:200mA
Analog Enter AI1-GND Analog enter one Enter voltage assortment: -10 VDC
Impedance: 22kΩ
AI2-GND Analog input two Enter range: -10 VDC/-20mA, decided by
jumper J1 on the manage board
Impedance: 22kΩ (voltage enter),five hundred Ω (present
Digital enter DI1- COM Digital input one Optical coupling isolation
Impedance: 2.4kΩ
Voltage assortment for degree enter: 9-30V
DI2- COM Digital enter 2
DI3- COM Digital enter three
DI4- COM Digital input four
DI5- COM High-velocity pulse
In addition to characteristics of DI1-DI4, it can be utilised for
higher-pace pulse input.
Optimum enter frequency: 100 kHz
Analog output AO1-GND  Analog output 1 Voltage or recent output is determined by jumper J2.
Output voltage assortment: -10V Output existing
variety: -20mA
Digital output DO1-COM  Electronic output 1 Optical coupling isolation, dual polarity open
collector output
Output voltage selection: -24V Output recent
range: -50mA
FM- COM Large-velocity pulse
It is limited by P5-00 (FM terminal output mode
As high-velocity pulse output, the highest
frequency hits one hundred kHz.
As open-collector output, its specification is the
identical as that of DO1
Relay Output T/A-T/B  NC terminal Contact driving capability:
250VAC, 3A, COS ø=.four
30VDC, 1A
Making use of to Overvoltage Category II circuit
T/A-T/C NO terminal
J3 485
Jumper assortment to decide whether to link
330Ω matched resistor to make 485
J5 External operation
panel interface
Connect to external operation panel.

Production Line

It is used in dive automation generation,involving wire drawing machine, movie winding, coating device, CNC device equipment, weaving machines, jacquard machines, fans, pumps, chemical fiber, textile, synchronous conversation, injection molding devices, lifting, elevator, equipment instruments, rolling mills, tube wire processing, lifting, lifting products, mill.

Packing&Shipping and delivery
Package: Standard carton package deal/wood case
Shipment: By sea,By air,by convey like DHL,FedEX


Q:What is actually your delivery time?
A:3-5 doing work times for little buy ,10-fifteen doing work times for large order.

Q:What’s your warranty phrase?
A:we provide 24 months guarantee time.

Q:Could you market spare parts?
A if you are using CZPT solution.we can promote spare parts to you.but we could not market the 50 %-completed merchandise.

Q:Can you make the inverter and delicate starter control board(switchgear)?
A: Indeed,we have a great deal of experience in design frequency inverter and delicate starter cabinet according to your request,these objects be create by  ourselves from CZPT factory.

Q:How does your manufacturing facility manage the high quality?
A:Quality is precedence, we often connect significance to high quality handle from the beginning to the end of generation,every product willl be completely assembled and carefully analyzed ahead of packing and shipping.

Q:How can I CZPT you?
A CZPT company has been audited and accepted ISO9001,CE,CCC,Evaluation report will be sent to you by Email.And we will take all the obligation when issue during warranty time.

A lot more details to make contact with me, I will reply you in 24hours.
Also If you do have any other necessity, here is the place for negotiation amongst us.

Induction motors, also acknowledged as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction generated by the magnetic discipline of the stator to make existing in the rotor, thus producing torque. These motors do not operate at a pace in sync with the existing, consequently the title. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to change electrical power into mechanical vitality. Induction motor rotors are the most typical kind of AC motor found in pumps, compressors, and other machines of all types.
china supplier 380V 50-60Hz Power 30kw AC Customized Inverter with CE Approval manufacturers