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Item Description

EV/HEV traction motor controller
Model: GTAKE
Certificate: CE, RoHS


Design Applicable motor Input voltage range Peak current Minimal-Voltage variety
KTZ**H**ZMA**  Synchronous / asynchronous motor 40V DC ~ 800V DC 900A 6~16V DC / 48V




Many thanks to refined engineers, scientific generating workmanship, arduous good quality manage programs and administration team, GTAKE EV motor controllers are equipped with CZPT d attributes, some of which are listed as underneath:


01  All GTAKE electric powered car motor controllers satisfy the standards GB/T 18488.1, GB/T 2423.seventeen, GB14571.4, and GB/T 17619.4.


Quick torque react time: <5ms Torque control accuracy: ±5%.


Crucial parts and elements are specialised for autos, with CZPT reaction and far better efficiency


Massive CZPT density, compact dimensions and light excess weight. On the premise of ensuring the CZPT , this can efficiently decrease the weight of automobile physique.


Rational placement, delicate substance variety, and CZPT d producing CZPT make the IP quality up to IP67 with the lightest weight. Nicely-developed frames and thickened conformal coating protect the merchandise from harsh atmosphere.


GTAKE EV/HEV drives assist terminal handle and CAN bus management. The CAN node hardware connection can be understood by GTAKE drives right, with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps, genuine-time, protected and dependable.


When the automobile is geared ahead, but there is no action-on gasoline and brake signal, it could operate at the established reduced pace with a matching output torque according to its load and slope diploma of the road, shunned from surprising slope slipping.


Diverse filtering tactics in ACR make the output torque smoother with quick response, improving the comfortability for driver and passengers significantly.


GTAKE motor controllers are geared up with capacity of defense on quick-circuit, above-existing, more than-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection, and so on. Likewise, the battery defense can be nicely programmed and the controller can change comments power significantly.


Ambient temperature: -40°C~65°C




Power Supply
Enter voltage range 40V DC ~ 800V DC
Auxiliary lower-voltage CZPT provide 6V DC ~ 16V DC / 48V



Output Knowledge (U, V, W)
Output peak recent 900A 
Duration 1 min
Output frequency variety ~1000 Hz



Applicable CZPT
Kind Synchronous / asynchronous motor
Situation sensor Resolver / CZPT ic encoder
Temperature sensor kind PT100 / PT1000 / NTC
Temperature sensor channel one



CAN Interaction
Terminal resister Optional
Protocol Personalized



Mechanical parameter
Fat Design depended
Dimension Model described



Vibration GB/T18488.1-2015, and GB/T 28046.3-2011
Humidity Relative humidity 5% – ninety five %. No condensation
Ambient temperature -40ºC – 65 ºC
Altitude – 2,000 m
Rated output current  derated 1% every single one hundred m above 1,000 m
Storage temperature -forty – +85 ºC
Performance ≥98 % at rated functioning point
IP grade IP 67
Cooling method H2o cooling





GTAKE  EV controller  provides velocity manage and torque management, adaptable to all types of electric powered passenger cars, logistics trucks, mini automobiles, particular vehicles, electric powered bus, electric powered bike, and so forth.



Scooter Bike Passenger automobiles


 Motorcycle forklift Much more …



 Why decide on GTAKE electric motor vehicle motor controller?


In the pattern of advocating smart and straightforward automation, environmentally pleasant merchandise, worth-included options, GTAKE, as a single of the world’s foremost push manufacturers aggressively investing in R&D, manufacturing, and ongoing quality advancement, is well positioned to supply its CZPT ers with technology-driven, overall performance-exceptional products these kinds of as VFDs, wind CZPT converters, servo drives, HEV/EV drives, helping its CZPT ers conserve energy and boost industrial efficiency with sustainability on the 1 hand, and maximizing their entire value-chain top quality, delivery, and solutions on the other hand.





In generation, arduous quality control is carried out on components, circuit boards, and the completed products, assuring items without flaws.




GTAKE VS CZPT manufacturers



Overall performance Typical manufacturers GTAKE
Relevant motors Synchronous motors Asynchronous /synchronous motors
Petrol intake *one 17. L / a hundred km 15.7 L / one hundred km
Electricity intake *two .993 kWh/km .878 kWh/km
HangZhouage *3 220 km 240 km
Peak torque *four 1250 Nm 1470 Nm
Slope length *5 > twenty cm

< 10 cm

IP score IP 65

IP 67

Ambient temperature  -ten-40ºC


Custom-made functions (computer software and/or components) Unprocurable or no expertise  Procurable with prosperous knowledge




Taking TM2100Nm+IM800Nm on 12m hybrid bus as an case in point. 


GTAKE + Asynchronous motor PK Competitor + PMSM


30kWh battery + 18kW asynchronous motor used at 4.2m logistics motor vehicle.


GTAKE can output higher output torque with the identical motor.


Anti-slip perform examination. Check condition: 25% slope

All of this data is collected from real tasks.



Packaging and logistics


All drives are well packed prior to shipment, fit for air cargo, sea transportation, and categorical delivery. CZPT ers are in a position to get in touch with its possess nominated forwarder or seek advice from GTAKE logistics section for CZPT cargo solutions.

*  Low-energy inverters are packed in cardboard box, and other individuals are in plywood situations.

*  Plenty of transportation procurable globally in accordance with CZPT er need or GTAKE expertise.


GTAKE EV motor controllers are in a position to adapt to electric light EV, passenger automobile, Hybrid EV, electrical bus, logistic van, electric motor cycle, electric powered boat, electric crane, digger and and many others.




Please depart us an inquiry for a lot more specifics of CZPT EV controller, like details of the design numbers, complex info, relevant application, pricing, warranty phrases, direct time and/or CZPT ized functionality.

DC motors use strength from batteries or other creating resources that give a consistent voltage. A DC motor is composed of a number of components, the most popular of which incorporate bearings, shafts, and gearboxes or gears. DC motors offer far better velocity variation and manage and generate more torque than AC motors. The two sorts of DC motors contain Brushed motors: Brushed motors are one of the oldest varieties and are internally commutated motors driven by DC current. A brushed motor is composed of a rotor, brushes, and a shaft. The cost and polarity of the brushes handle the route and pace of the motor. Brushless Motors: In recent years, brushless motors have turn out to be well-known for numerous applications, largely since of their effectiveness. Brushless motors are made in the exact same way as brushed motors, minus the brushes of course. Brushless motors also incorporate dedicated circuitry to control speed and path. In brushless motors, magnets are mounted close to the rotor, an effectiveness-boosting configuration.
china wholesaler New Design 380V 132kw Motor Synchronous Controller manufacturers