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China cnc kit 4 axis nema34 step motor 1666oz-in nema 34 stepper motor kit with controller board for cnc router engraving machine with high quality

Guarantee: 3months-1year
Model Quantity: DW86HS156-5504
Section: 2
Type: Hybrid
Present / Phase: 5.5A
Merchandise identify: nema 34 stepper motor 1666oz-in package for cnc router engraving machine
Stepper motor: nema 34
Driver: DM860D
Packaging Particulars: standard export packing, cartons nema 34 stepper motor 1666oz-in kit for cnc router engraving equipment
Port: ZheJiang nema 34 stepper motor 1666oz-in package for cnc router engraving equipment

nema 34 stepper motor 1666oz-in package for cnc router engraving equipment

Product No.Phase Angle
Voltage /Period (V)Existing /Section (A)Resistance /Stage
Inductance Phase (mH)Keeping Torque (kg.cm)Detent Torque (g.cm.Max)Rotor Inertia (g.cm²)Motor Length (mm)Direct Wires No. Motor Bodyweight (kg)
86HS65-30041.83.three3one.16.five28800a thousandsixty five41.7
86HS68-4004one.8one.3four.33one.six35one thousand12006841.7
86HS78-4004one.eightone.five4.382.five3512001400seventy eight4two.three
87HS78-42041.eightone.nine4.2.forty five44512001400seventy eight42.3
87HS78-6008one.eight3.six.fivefourforty five120014007882.3
86HS100-50041.8two.fivefive.54sixty eight20002100a hundredfourthree.2
86HS100-5008one.eight2.fivefive.fivefoursixty five20002100a hundred83.2
86HS118-60041.83.6six.sixsixeighty five24002700118four3.7
86HS156-5504one. hundred twenty36004000156four5.five

Dimensions: Wiring Diagram:

L1 and L2 canbe customized in accordance to customers’ specifications.

five Axis CNC Breakout Board

  • Full assist for MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2, and help parallel port to manage the host pc software program
  • 5output sign ,can hook up 5 stepper motor driver 10x5x22- 5 bars copper commutatorfor 12V DC motor , cost-free samples
  • five input port, Can hook up to the limit switch, emergency end, or other Enter gadgets ,5 input sign indication LED
  • One particular relay, it can be utilised to control spindle start and end,1 signal indication LED beside relay
  • Electrical power offer have 2 choice, USB electricity sort pc or an exterior 5V electricity source
  • Pulse and route sign shaping, Minimal price tag substitute of entrance folding shaft locking screw with hook lock for M365 electrical scooter equipment enhanced, knowledge transfer speeds
  • Have 2 kinds connector ,the 4PIN XH connector can hook up driver hassle-free and effective .
  • Observe: energy port 1 and electrical power port 2,Can only decide on a single, cannot be utilized at the exact same time!

    Stepper motor driver

    Energy supply

    Packaging & Delivery We have normal deal for our merchandise. We can also make it as for each your special needs.

    Shipping can be arranged as for every your specifications. Air and sea transportation are each acceptabel.

    Firm InformationHangZhou Dewo Motor Co., Ltd., exporting stepper motors, servo motor,spindle motor, 1000W 4Nm ac servo motor for textile machinery BLDC motor and their driver ,VFD. We spcialize in this field for several years, with the energy of high good quality and competitive price in China.
    We have our personal techinical division and we produced numerous models of stepper motor, we also have total drawings for our motors. We can supply comprehensive complex proposal for your project.Any query about stepper motor, remember to get in touch with me online or send me mail. We will reply you inside 2 times!
    Our certification:

    Our group and Exhibition:
    1.Q:Can I get some samples initial?
    A:Confident, we are honored to offer you samples for your check out.
    two.Q:Do you have the products in inventory?
    A:Our products are produced in accordance to your buy except the standard goods.
    three.Q:What’s the shipping time?
    A:It typically takes about 7 operating days,but the exact shipping and delivery time may possibly be different for different get or at different time.
    four.Q: How does your manufacturing unit do with regards to top quality manage?
    A: Top quality is priority. We usually attach wonderful importance to high quality management from the starting to the finish of the creation. Every single merchandise will be fully assembled and cautiously analyzed before packed.
    five.Q:What’s your guarantee conditions? A: We offer distinct guarantee terms for diverse goods. You should get in touch with with us for specifics.
    Our ServicesCustomization and OEM is available.
    Warranty: 18 months
    Speak to Us: We 24 several hours provider for you! If you have any inquiries about our items, Scorching offering aluminum motor shaft sleeve coupling Brief double diaphragm coupling for air compressor pleasee get in touch with us with no any hestation. It really is a satisfaction to provide you.

    Benefits of a Planetary Motor

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to power a machine, consider purchasing a Planetary Motor. These units are designed to provide a massive range of gear reductions, and are capable of generating much higher torques and torque density than other types of drive systems. This article will explain why you should consider purchasing one for your needs. And we’ll also discuss the differences between a planetary and spur gear system, as well as how you can benefit from them.

    planetary gears

    Planetary gears in a motor are used to reduce the speed of rotation of the armature 8. The reduction ratio is determined by the structure of the planetary gear device. The output shaft 5 rotates through the device with the assistance of the ring gear 4. The ring gear 4 engages with the pinion 3 once the shaft is rotated to the engagement position. The transmission of rotational torque from the ring gear to the armature causes the motor to start.
    The axial end surface of a planetary gear device has two circular grooves 21. The depressed portion is used to retain lubricant. This lubricant prevents foreign particles from entering the planetary gear space. This feature enables the planetary gear device to be compact and lightweight. The cylindrical portion also minimizes the mass inertia. In this way, the planetary gear device can be a good choice for a motor with limited space.
    Because of their compact footprint, planetary gears are great for reducing heat. In addition, this design allows them to be cooled. If you need high speeds and sustained performance, you may want to consider using lubricants. The lubricants present a cooling effect and reduce noise and vibration. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your motor, invest in a planetary gear hub drivetrain.
    The planetary gear head has an internal sun gear that drives the multiple outer gears. These gears mesh together with the outer ring that is fixed to the motor housing. In industrial applications, planetary gears are used with an increasing number of teeth. This distribution of power ensures higher efficiency and transmittable torque. There are many advantages of using a planetary gear motor. These advantages include:

    planetary gearboxes

    A planetary gearbox is a type of drivetrain in which the input and output shafts are connected with a planetary structure. A planetary gearset can have three main components: an input gear, a planetary output gear, and a stationary position. Different gears can be used to change the transmission ratios. The planetary structure arrangement gives the planetary gearset high rigidity and minimizes backlash. This high rigidity is crucial for quick start-stop cycles and rotational direction.
    Planetary gears need to be lubricated regularly to prevent wear and tear. In addition, transmissions must be serviced regularly, which can include fluid changes. The gears in a planetary gearbox will wear out with time, and any problems should be repaired immediately. However, if the gears are damaged, or if they are faulty, a planetary gearbox manufacturer will repair it for free.
    A planetary gearbox is typically a 2-speed design, but professional manufacturers can provide triple and single-speed sets. Planetary gearboxes are also compatible with hydraulic, electromagnetic, and dynamic braking systems. The first step to designing a planetary gearbox is defining your application and the desired outcome. Famous constructors use a consultative modeling approach, starting each project by studying machine torque and operating conditions.
    As the planetary gearbox is a compact design, space is limited. Therefore, bearings need to be selected carefully. The compact needle roller bearings are the most common option, but they cannot tolerate large axial forces. Those that can handle high axial forces, such as worm gears, should opt for tapered roller bearings. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a helical gearbox?

    planetary gear motors

    When we think of planetary gear motors, we tend to think of large and powerful machines, but in fact, there are many smaller, more inexpensive versions of the same machine. These motors are often made of plastic, and can be as small as six millimeters in diameter. Unlike their larger counterparts, they have only one gear in the transmission, and are made with a small diameter and small number of teeth.
    They are similar to the solar system, with the planets rotating around a sun gear. The planet pinions mesh with the ring gear inside the sun gear. All of these gears are connected by a planetary carrier, which is the output shaft of the gearbox. The ring gear and planetary carrier assembly are attached to each other through a series of joints. When power is applied to any of these members, the entire assembly will rotate.
    Compared to other configurations, planetary gearmotors are more complicated. Their construction consists of a sun gear centered in the center and several smaller gears that mesh with the central sun gear. These gears are enclosed in a larger internal tooth gear. This design allows them to handle larger loads than conventional gear motors, as the load is distributed among several gears. This type of motor is typically more expensive than other configurations, but can withstand the higher-load requirements of some machines.
    Because they are cylindrical in shape, planetary gear motors are incredibly versatile. They can be used in various applications, including automatic transmissions. They are also used in applications where high-precision and speed are necessary. Furthermore, the planetary gear motor is robust and is characterized by low vibrations. The advantages of using a planetary gear motor are vast and include:

    planetary gears vs spur gears

    A planetary motor uses multiple teeth to share the load of rotating parts. This gives planetary gears high stiffness and low backlash – often as low as one or two arc minutes. These characteristics are important for applications that undergo frequent start-stop cycles or rotational direction changes. This article discusses the benefits of planetary gears and how they differ from spur gears. You can watch the animation below for a clearer understanding of how they operate and how they differ from spur gears.
    Planetary gears move in a periodic manner, with a relatively small meshing frequency. As the meshing frequency increases, the amplitude of the frequency also increases. The amplitude of this frequency is small at low clearance values, and increases dramatically at higher clearance levels. The amplitude of the frequency is higher when the clearance reaches 0.2-0.6. The amplitude increases rapidly, whereas wear increases slowly after the initial 0.2-0.6-inch-wide clearance.
    In high-speed, high-torque applications, a planetary motor is more effective. It has multiple contact points for greater torque and higher speed. If you are not sure which type to choose, you can consult with an expert and design a custom gear. If you are unsure of what type of motor you need, contact Twirl Motor and ask for help choosing the right one for your application.
    A planetary gear arrangement offers a number of advantages over traditional fixed-axis gear system designs. The compact size allows for lower loss of effectiveness, and the more planets in the gear system enhances the torque density and capacity. Another benefit of a planetary gear system is that it is much stronger and more durable than its spur-gear counterpart. Combined with its many advantages, a planetary gear arrangement offers a superior solution to your shifting needs.

    planetary gearboxes as a compact alternative to pinion-and-gear reducers

    While traditional pinion-and-gear reducer design is bulky and complex, planetary gearboxes are compact and flexible. They are suitable for many applications, especially where space and weight are issues, as well as torque and speed reduction. However, understanding their mechanism and working isn’t as simple as it sounds, so here are some of the key benefits of planetary gearing.
    Planetary gearboxes work by using two planetary gears that rotate around their own axes. The sun gear is used as the input, while the planetary gears are connected via a casing. The ratio of these gears is -Ns/Np, with 24 teeth in the sun gear and -3/2 on the planet gear.
    Unlike traditional pinion-and-gear reducer designs, planetary gearboxes are much smaller and less expensive. A planetary gearbox is about 50% smaller and weighs less than a pinion-and-gear reducer. The smaller gear floats on top of three large gears, minimizing the effects of vibration and ensuring consistent transmission over time.
    Planetary gearboxes are a good alternative to pinion-and-gear drive systems because they are smaller, less complex and offer a higher reduction ratio. Their meshing arrangement is similar to the Milky Way, with the sun gear in the middle and two or more outer gears. They are connected by a carrier that sets their spacing and incorporates an output shaft.
    Compared to pinion-and-gear reduces, planetary gearboxes offer higher speed reduction and torque capacity. As a result, planetary gearboxes are small and compact and are often preferred for space-constrained applications. But what about the high torque transfer? If you’re looking for a compact alt

    China cnc kit 4 axis nema34 step motor 1666oz-in nema 34 stepper motor kit with controller board for cnc router engraving machine     with high qualityChina cnc kit 4 axis nema34 step motor 1666oz-in nema 34 stepper motor kit with controller board for cnc router engraving machine     with high quality
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    china Cheap Best 1.2kw 6n. M Torque Control AC Synchronous Motor and 220V Big Powerful Driver Kit for CNC Plasma Cutting Controller manufacturers

    Item Description

    Ideal 1.2KW 6n.M Torque Management Ac Synchronous CZPT and 220V Large CZPT ful CZPT r Kit for Cnc Plasma Reducing Controller

    SZGH-11120BC  is 1200W servo motor ,optimizing style, compact, lovely contour,  CZPT -time period continuous working  in rated operating method and financial type 

    Packing record : 

    1) CZPT -11120BC 1200w servo motor -1pcs 

    two) CZPT -SD2026  220v servo driver – 1pcs 

    3) CZPT 1MX-5M  5meter motor cables -1pcs 

    4) SZGH1EX-5M   5 meter encoder cables -1 pcs 

    five) Manual  -1pcs 

    Pls inform us at 1st time when you want : 

    one) Brake motor 

    two) Absolutely encoder 

    three) CZPT cables 

    4)Ethernet type

    Solution Description


    Software:Automation CZPT ,Robot Arm,Braided Belt CZPT ,Computeriaed Flat Knitting CZPT ,Embroidery CZPT ,AGV Automobile,Woodworking Engeaving CZPT ,CNC CZPT …




    Item Parameters

    Power(W )Torque(N.m) CZPT (rpm)
    Flange Product Power  Torque  Speed  Matched Servo CZPT
    40mm SZGH-04005D fifty .16 3000 SZGH-SD2004
    SZGH-5711D 100 .32 3000
    60mm SZGH-06571DC two hundred .six 3000
     SZGH-06040DC  400 1.3 3000
    SZGH-06060DC 600 1.9 3000
    80mm SZGH-08040DC four hundred 1.three 3000 SZGH-SD2571
    SZGH-08075DC 750 2.four 3000
    SZGH-08075BC 750 3.5 2000
    SZGH-5710CC 1000 four 2500
    90mm SZGH-09075DC 750 two.4 3000
    SZGH-09075BC 750 three.five 2000
    SZGH-5710CC 1000 four 2500
    110mm SZGH-11060DC 600 two 3000 SZGH-SD2026
    SZGH-11080DC 800 four 2000
    SZGH11120DC 1200 four 3000
    SZGH-11150DC 1500 five 3000
    SZGH-11120BC 1200 six 2000
    SZGH11180DC 1800 six 3000
    130mm SZGH-13100CC a thousand 4 2500
    SZGH-13130CC 1300 five 2500
    SZGH-13150CC 1500 six 2500
    SZGH-13200CC 2000 seventy seven 2500 SZGH-SD2026/                 CZPT -SD4038(380V)
    SZGH-13100AC one thousand ten a thousand
    SZGH-13150AC 1500 10 1500
    SZGH-13230AC 2300 fifteen 1500
    SZGH-13260CC 2600 ten 2500
    SZGH-13380CC 3800 15 2500
    150mm SZGH-15380CC 3800 15 2500 SZGH-4038
    SZGH-15300BC 3000 15 2000
    SZGH-15360BC 3600 18 2000
    SZGH-1S470BC 4700 23 2000 SZGH-4075
    SZGH-15550BC 5500 27 2000
    180mm SZGH-18270BC 2700 17.two 1500
    SZGH-18290BC 2900 27 one thousand
    SZGH-18300CC 3000 19 1500
    SZGH-18370BC 3700 35 1000
    SZGH-18430AC 4300 27 1500
    SZGH-18450CC 4500 21.five 2000
    SZGH-18550CC 5500 35 1500
    SZGH-18750CC 7500 forty eight 1500
    NOTE : The above models assist 2500PPR incremental  encoder 
    SD Series SD2004 SD2571 SD2026 SD4038 SD4075
    Output CZPT 50W~600W 400W~1kW 600W~3. 8kW 2kW~3 8KW 3kW~75kW
    Input CZPT Single/A few Period AC220V-15%~+ten% Three Stage 380V
    Control Method 0. Position Handle: 1 CZPT Management 2: Torque Control: 3:Placement/Speed Manage
    4:PositionT orque Control: 5:SpeedTorque Control
    Protecting Over-speed/More than-voltageUnder-voltage More than-existing/Overload/Encoder Mistake/
    Function Control CZPT Eror/ Placement Offset Enor
    Keep an eye on Function SpeedPositionPulses /Offset/TorqueCurrent/Position.
    Digital Input 1:Servo Permit: 2:Alam Reset: 3:CCW-Forbidden: 4:CW-Forbi dden: 5:Distinct
    Position Ofiset 6:Pulse Enter Forbidden 7:CCW Torque Restrict: 8:CW Torque Restrict
    Digital Output Servo-Completely ready On/Alam/ CZPT ation EndBraker Manage
    Energy Braking Support buit in Extemal Resistor Braking
    DriveLoad Less than 3 times of rotor inertia
    Screen 5 bits LED Indicator show: 4 Function keys
    Communication RS485
    Position Control Input Mode 0: Pulse+Course
    1:CCW/CW Pulse
    I . . 2: AB Stage Orthogonal Pulse
    1 . 1 3:Inner Placement Management
    Electic Ratio Numerator of CZPT ctric Ratio: 1~32767
    Denominator of CZPT ctric Ratio: 1~32767
    130mm SZGH-13100CC/T 1000 four 2500 SZGH-SD2026
    SZGH-13130CC/T 1300 5 2500 SZGH-SD2026
    SZGH-13150CC/T 1500 6 2500 SZGH-SD2026
    SZGH-13200CC/T 2000 seventy seven 2500 SZGH-SD2026/            CZPT -SD4038(380V)
    SZGH-13100AC/T a thousand ten a thousand
    SZGH-13150AC/T 1500 10 1500
    SZGH-13230AC/T 2300 fifteen 1500
    SZGH-13260CC/T 2600 10 2500
    SZGH-13380CC/T 3800 15 2500
    150mm SZGH-15380CC/T 3800 fifteen 2500 SZGH-4038
    SZGH-15300BC/T 3000 fifteen 2000
    SZGH-15360BC/T 3600 18 2000
    SZGH-1S470BC/T 4700 23 2000 SZGH-4075
    SZGH-15550BC/T 5500 27 2000
    180mm SZGH-18270BC/T 2700 17.2 1500
    SZGH-18290BC/T 2900 27 1000
    SZGH-18300CC/T 3000 19 1500
    SZGH-18370BC/T 3700 35 1000
    SZGH-18430AC/T 4300 27 1500
    SZGH-18450CC/T 4500 21.five 2000
    SZGH-18550CC/T 5500 35 1500
    SZGH-18750CC/T 7500 48 1500
    NOTE : The over versions support 2500PPR incremental  encoder & brake 




    Packaging & CZPT


    one.Industrial packing: plastic bag +foam bins+ carton +wood pallets

    2.Business packing: plastic bag+ foam containers + carton

    three.As the clients prerequisite
    Shipping Element: Normally all set products and stock in 2- 5days


    Organization Profile


    HangZhou CZPT hong CZPT mation CO.,LTD (Previously acknowledged as ‘HangZhou CZPT hong CZPT mation  Co.,Limited(Created in 19 November 2571)’) is 1 of the foremost CNC & automatic business in CZPT , specialised in designing tasks, advertising and marketing, and oversea investing, obtaining extensive expertise in CNC deal remedy, Our concentrate has been on delivering the large high quality of Industrial robot arm  Lathe CNC technique, Milling CNC program, Engraving CNC method, Grinding & router CNC technique, CZPT & driver, Spindle servo motor & driver, Equipment reducer. 

    SZGH’ merchandise have been in operating with a extensive range of CNC equipment and computerized processing equipment with higher performance and very good precision, stably. We have now recognized a trustworthy structure , CZPT experienced engineers and technicians are able to provide skilled consultancy and offer you most appropriate CNC software resolution.

    Our rigid top quality management actions guarantee superb reliability and large normal of quality. Utilizing CZPT d CNC equipment to take a look at every single solution, 100 % inspection is made ahead of packaging and shipment. In addition, We also offer versatile lead moments to assistance your business.

    We have a big quantity of CZPT ers throughout Asia, CZPT ica, the Center CZPT , CZPT pe, South CZPT ica, and Africa. Specifically we currently created possess organization corporate group in Center CZPT industry.

    Our Benefits

    Why Select Us ?

    1:much more than 10 a long time growth and creation, we are maker
    two:12-24 thirty day period warranty
    three: much more than forty patents   
    4:Free training and easy procedure
    five: We can response 24 hours as you need to have


    Soon after Product sales Provider

    Very best & Specialist following- income supports 

    Our business have extremely expert engineers teams

    We can offer the specialist soon after -revenue service to CZPT all customers

    Here is CZPT engineer Mike solved the difficulties for CZPT CZPT er

    Ideal supports !! Quicly reply !!

    Buy at simplicity , use at simplicity !!!


    Q: Do you assist CNC system and Robotic Arm System custom-made producing?
    A: Indeed,we can CZPT ized manufacturing in accordance to CZPT er’s requirment. We support to CZPT your personal business show interface
    and brand.

    Q: How CZPT is your CNC Method and Robotic Arm Method delivery time?
    A: Typically it is 3-5 days if the products are in inventory. or it is 5-ten days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to
    quantity.ten-20 days if CZPT ized producing.

    Q: Do you provide samples ? is it totally free or added ?
    A: Sure, we could supply the sample with sample value.
    Q: What is your phrases of payment ?
    A: Payment=1000USD, 70% T/T in CZPT ,balance ahead of shippment.

    If you have an additional issue, pls come to feel cost-free to contact us as below

    Polyphase motors can be either two-phase or three-period motors. They perform like solitary-stage induction motors, but each solitary-stage and polyphase motors function on a rotating magnetic field. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or three-period currents passing by way of two or a lot more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic area generates torque. Polyphase motors are used in purposes that call for large energy, this kind of as the power drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
    china Cheap Best 1.2kw 6n. M Torque Manage AC Synchronous Motor and 220V Big Strong Driver Package for CNC Plasma Slicing Controller makers