china Cost Chziri Variable Speed Drive: Zvf300-G/P Series AC Inverter 2.2kw 380V manufacturers

Product Description

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Major Features:

ZVF300H Series inverters are higher performance open up loop vector inverters for managing asynchronous AC induction motors and everlasting synchronous motors.

1. Output frequency: -600Hz.
2. Multiple password defense method
3. Distant management operation keypad, practical for distant manage.
4. V/F curve &multi-inflection point setting, flexible configuration.
five. Keyboard parameter copy function. Simple to established the parameters for multi-inverters.
six. Vast industry application. To expand unique purpose in accordance to various industries.
7. Multiple components and application protection and optimized hardware for anti-interference engineering.
8. Multi-action velocity and wobble frequency working (exterior terminal 15 methods speed manage).
9. CZPT adaptive manage technology. CZPT present limiting and voltage limiting and below-voltage restrain.
10. Optimized external set up and interior composition and unbiased air flue style, completely enclosed electrical room layout.
11. Output automatic voltage regulation function. (AVR), automatically change the output pulse width. To remove the influence of the grid modify on load.
12. Created-in PID regulation function to aid the realization of shut loop control of the temperature, force and movement. And minimize the price of the management system.
13. Standard MODBUS conversation protocol. Straightforward to accomplish the interaction amongst PLC, IPC and other industrial equipments.

Product Parameters

Inverter Product Power
   Dimension (mm) Figure
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300H-G2R2T4S 2.2 5. 185 175 118 108 a hundred and seventy five


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An AC motor is a frequent variety of electrical motor that is driven by alternating recent. As the most effective sensible motors for every day industrial purposes (as nicely as hobbyist assignments, family products, and all other professional gear and buyer items), AC motors offer a comparatively efficient method of generating mechanical power from a straightforward electrical input signal.
china Cost Chziri Variable Speed Drive: Zvf300-G/P Series AC Inverter 2.2kw 380V companies