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220v single phase enter and 220v 3 period output Frequency inverter converter&sol ac motor push&sol ac generate&sol VSD&sol VFD
Package deal incorporate&colon 
one x CZPT 5&period5KW
English user guide
1&periodOutput CZPT &colon5&period5kw 
two&periodRated existing&colon20A
two&periodRated Frequency &colon50hz&sol60hz
three&periodOutput Frequency Assortment&colon0~650Hz
4&periodInput Voltage Range&colonsingle phase &lpar1 period&rpar 220V&pm15&percnt 
5&periodOutput Voltage Variety&colon3 section 220V&pm15&percnt 
6&periodControl way&colon CZPT loop vector handle&lparSVC&rpar      V&solF manage
seven&periodStarting Torque&colon G sort device&colon0&period5Hz&sol150&percnt&lpar CZPT &rpar
eight&periodMain purpose&colon Control and change the speed of the ac motor 
&plusAdvantages of  Frequency inverters
We have advanced engineers&comma scientific producing workmanship and management crew with rigorous good quality management programs &comma frequency inverter are outfitted with CZPT d attributes as below&colon
01 V&solF management&comma vector control  and output torque manage&semi
02 Built-in RS-485 interaction interface

03 Compact dimension&comma straightforward to set up&semi
04 With a speed potentiometer and external panel&semi
05 Built-in synchronous management and proportional synchronization management&semi
06 16 speed management modest&commaCan run immediately&semi
07 Can option multiple working commands or frequency channel&semi
08 Can be attain Component or all of the keys locked&lparAnalog potentiometer unlock&rpar&semi
09 Relay normally open or shut and two higher configuration output have a hundred varieties of techniques optional&semi
10 6 electronic opto-isolated inputs&comma a hundred types of methods optional&semi
11 3 analog enter&comma 1 analog output channel&semi
12 Having textile pendulum frequency function&comma It can be extensively apps for a lot of varieties of textile  
13 Built-in consumer timer &sol counter&semi
14 Built-in PID regulation purpose to facilitate the realization of closed loop control of the temperature&comma 
      pressure and stress&period
15 At zero velocity time&commacan be achieve output -100&percnt of Adjustable torque&commaWith zero pace brake 
      function&commainstead foreign inverter software on freight elevator and crane&period

Selection Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.

Model No&interval  Input Voltage Rated Output Power &lparKW&rpar Rated Input Current&lparA&rpar Rated Output Current &lparA&rpar Motor Power &lparKW&rpar
Z900-2S0&period4GE 1PH AC
&period4 five&period4 2&period4 &period4
Z900-2S0&period75GE 1PH AC
&period75 seven&period2 four&period5 &period75
Z900-2S1&period5GE 1PH AC
1&period5 ten 7&period0 one&period5
Z900-2S2&period2GE 1PH AC
two&period2 16 10&period0 two&period2
Z900-2S3&period7GE 1PH AC
3&period7 23 16&period0 three&period7
Z900-4T0&period75GE 3PH AC
&period75 3&period8 2&period5 &period75
Z900-4T1&period5GE 3PH AC
1&period5 five three&period7 1&period5
Z900-4T2&period2GE 3PH AC
two&period2 five&period8 five&period0 2&period2
Z900-4T3&period7GE&sol5&period5GP 3PH AC
3&period7&sol5&period5 ten&period0&sol15&period0 nine&period0&sol13&period0 3&period7&sol5&period5
Z900-4T5&period5GE 3PH AC
five&period5 15&period0 13&period0 5&period5
Z900-4T7&period5GE 3PH AC
7&period5 14 17&period5 seven&period5
Z900-4T7&period5GE&sol11GP 3PH AC
seven&period5&sol11 20&period0&sol26&period0 17&period0&sol25&period0 7&period5&sol11
Z900-11GE&sol15GP 3PH AC
11&sol15 26&period0&sol35&period0 25&period0&sol32&period0 eleven&sol15
fifteen&sol18&period5 35&period0&sol38&period0 32&period0&sol37&period0 15&sol18&period5
18&period5&sol22 38&period0&sol46&period0 37&period0&sol45&period0 18&period5&sol22
Z900-22GE&sol30GP 3PH AC
22&sol30 forty six&period0&sol62&period0 45&period0&sol60&period0 22&sol30


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Vector series&colon Z900&commaS2800E&commaS1100VG&commaS2200E&comma S3800E series
Universal series&colon S2800E&comma S1100VG&commaS900GS series
Dedicated series&colon S100 series&comma S200 series&lparcircular knitting machine&rpar&comma
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6&period Peripheral&colon three-color light&comma signal amplifier
seven&period Control system of integrative machine&colon SGP series
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Two kinds of AC motors consist of: Synchronous: The fact that a synchronous motor rotates at the very same fee as the frequency of the mains recent gives the motor its identify. A synchronous motor is made up of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a vast selection of applications. Induction: Induction motors are the simplest and strongest motors obtainable. These AC motors consist of two electrical parts: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The recent essential to flip the rotor is generated by the electromagnetic induction designed by the stator windings. Induction motors are 1 of the most commonly employed sorts of motors in the globe.
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