china Custom V&T V9 0.75kw-650kw Modbus 485 Communication Remote Control AC Drive/VFD/VSD/Frequency Inverter manufacturers

Merchandise Description

V9 Series Basic purpose CZPT
Simple Handle / CZPT ly Interface/ Multifunction Operation / CZPT CZPT ion

About Solution
The V9−H Collection General Function CZPT is a higher-efficiency vector manage and torque-controlled inverter. Vector handle methods and torque handle tactics are utilized. The V9−H item voltage selection 220V and 380V, CZPT variety .75Kw to 630Kw. It can fit synchronous and asynchronous motor. Synchronous open up loop, Synchronous closed loop, Asynchronous V/F, Asynchronous shut loop, Asynchronous vector, these manage modes can satisfy CZPT demands.

Agent Business
Equipment device sector, CZPT , CZPT industry, Air compressor sector, Papermaking market, Oilfield, Plastic sector, CZPT processing, Municipal CZPT , Textile market, CZPT and packaging, CZPT mining, Processing center, Wood processing, Cable CZPT ry, Foodstuff CZPT , CZPT ctric Vehicles, Centrifuges and CZPT -conclude applications ect.


Δ   Multiple System Loop Control Modes

Situation loop

Pace loop

Torque loop

Δ  CZPT Command Choice Is Versatile and Practical

Modbus interaction

Keyboard given

Analog provided

Multi-section pace given

Terminal UP/DN offered

Approach PID given

Basic PLC pace given

Δ  Multiple Running Guidelines Environment Strategies

Modbus communication

Keyboard presented

Terminal offered

Δ  LED Procedure Panel / Liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Operation Panel Are Optional

Modbus interaction, standard community port connection are adopted in LED procedure panel / Lcd liquid crystal procedure panel

The structure of the button accords with ergonomic principle

One-button parameter entry and exit,straightforward to operate

Parameter duplicate function, remote handle box function (up to 500m) can be understood by the procedure panel

The operation panel has a password lock function to avoid CZPT -specialists from shifting parameters by error

Δ  Higher Personal computer Communication

Offer 485 communication interface, the interaction protocol is Modbus

Parameter upload and download functions can be executed


Polyphase motors can be either two-stage or three-period motors. They function like one-section induction motors, but equally one-period and polyphase motors operate on a rotating magnetic subject. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or a few-period currents passing by means of two or much more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic subject produces torque. Polyphase motors are used in purposes that require large electricity, this sort of as the power generate of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
china Custom V&T V9 0.75kw-650kw Modbus 485 Communication Remote Control AC Drive/VFD/VSD/Frequency Inverter manufacturers