china factory AC Variable Frequency Drive Three/Single Phase 400V VFD manufacturers

Item Description

Place of operation    Indoors, no immediate sunlight, cost-free from dust, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, h2o vapor, h2o drop and salt, and so forth.
Altitude    0~2000m
De-rate 1% for each and every 100m when the altitude is earlier mentioned 1000 meters
Ambient temperature    -10ºC~40ºC. The rated output recent ought to be de-rated 1% for every single 1ºC when the ambient temperature is 40ºC~50ºC
Relative humidity    5~ninety five%, no condensation
Vibration    Less than 5.9m/s2 (.6g)
Storage temperature    -40ºC~+70ºC

Parameter duplicate, parameter backup,
widespread DC bus, totally free switchover among two motors’ parameters,
flexible parameter exhibited & concealed, CZPT grasp & auxiliary command and switchover,
dependable speed research started,
a selection of Accel/Decel curves programmable, automatic correction of analog, contracting brake handle,
16-stage pace handle programmable (2 methods assistance versatile frequency command),
wobble frequency management, fixed duration management, rely purpose, a few faults recorded,
Above excitation brake, over voltage stall protection programmable,
below voltage stall defense programmable, restart on CZPT reduction, skip frequency, frequency binding,
four sorts of Accel/Decel time, motor thermal protection, adaptable fan manage, procedure PID handle, straightforward PLC, multi-practical key programmable, droop management,
asynchronous and synchronous motor parameter identification, field-weakening manage,
high-precision torque handle, V/f separated handle, torque management at sensor-significantly less vector manage,
torque manage at shut-loop vector management, two encoder signal inputs (support incremental, UVW hybrid and resolver, and many others.),
Versatile deceleration ratio manage, zero servo, motor spindle orientation, basic feed ahead control, pulse train placement handle


asynchronous motors and long lasting magnet synchronous motors properly with the optimized algorithm. 
Very hot pluggable and removable control panel
Many possibilities are CZPT for port growth, functional mixture and up grade.
with 4 manage modes: V/f, CZPT 1, CZPT 2 and VC
 two types of flying start off, monitoring the velocity of motor and accomplish easy start off.
 the function of Cycle-by-Cycle recent restrict. 
Quick dead time amongst ahead and reverse
include the majority of industrial sectors, specific in demanding kinds that call for exact pace management, torque handle, tension control, CZPT reaction and so forth. 


Synchronous motors operate at a speed that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains present. This signifies that in the continual-condition of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the source present. The period of time of rotation of the shaft is equivalent to the number of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets produce a magnetic area that rotates in synchrony with the current in the wire. The rotor geared up with permanent magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic area to sort the next synchronous rotating magnetic discipline of the AC motor.
china factory AC Variable Frequency Drive Three/Single Phase 400V VFD manufacturers