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Know A lot Much more about FOLINN
1994 HangZhou city, The initial Chinese rivate company started, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. started out its frist stage.
2000″HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT Co., Ltd” Founded
2001 ISO9001:2000/CE accredited
2004 Honored as one of the ZHangZhoug CZPT -Tech CZPT
2007 CZPT cted as one particular of the initial council customers of CEEIA inverter section. Posted on inverter business authority journal “Inverter Entire world”, Honored as 1 of the “China Prime 10 Brand names”, decided on as the “member of the year of 2007” by CEEIA
2009 Grow to be “The Ideal CZPT Spouse of Infineon”
2571 Renamed as “HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT ctric Co., LTD” and registered money elevated to 5000000 USD Dollars
2011 CZPT cted as 1 of the CZPT council customers of CEEIA inverter section DZB 10HV collection inverter has been accredited as the “ZHangZhoug CZPT Innovation Particular Item”
2012Newly enhance 2 more brands: “FUREEN” AND “B&B CZPT “
2013 Received the honor of “Low Voltage frequency CZPT Ten Domestic Brands”
2014Got 16 of patent certificate, 3 of software copyright, 7 of trademark registration company was renamed from” HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT ctric Co., LTD” to “ZHangZhoug New Folinn CZPT ctric Co., Ltd”

Why select Folinn?
one.    One of earliest inverter (AC drive) manufacturer in CZPT considering that 1994(much more than twenty years heritage)
2.    TOP ten inverter maker in CZPT with several a long time continuous.
3.    CEEIA Council CZPT of CZPT Business in CZPT
4.    National Torch Plan.
five.    National CZPT -tech CZPT .
6.    Annual sales quantity is 450 million.
7.    Own technologies
eight.    Quality technologies
Far more than ten moments examining and check.
Each and every solution is with a particular sequence quantity in order to monitoring and monitoring procedures.

BD600 sequence is latest edition for higher efficiency vector inverter based on BD300. Numerous handle modes. New vector handle algorithm can obtain steadiness at gradual velocity, stronger load capability at reduced frequency. Support CZPT , VC and V/F control, and achieved making use of a number of PG playing cards. CZPT er features of motor management has clearly lifted.
Merchandise Attributes
Exceptional efficiency.

  1. More substantial torque output when low frequence.
  2. Quick dynamic response.
  3. Tremendous strong overload capacity

Accurate motor parameter self finding out
BD 600 series inverter can correctly offer dynamic or static self- studying of motor parameter, straightforward debugging, easy working, higher control precision and response pace.
Speedy recent restrict
Rapid present restricting perform can limit recent speedily inside of the current protection value, to ensure the basic safety of the gear, and avoid more than-existing alarm triggered by unexpected loading or interference.
Over-excitation achieve and oscillation suppression achieve
Quick Run/Quit
Exceptional current and voltage control engineering can recognize quick Operate/Stop, restrain in excess of voltage and overcurrent.
Overvoltage stall safety & Overcurrent stall defense
Help both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor

  1. Asynchronous motor
  2. Synchronous motor (by making use of extension card)

Help multiple control mode
Velocity sensorless vector manage (SVC), sensor vector manage (VC), V/F handle.
Adaptable and practical analog input / output
Every analog enter (AI1~AI3) can set 4 point curves.
Higher-speed pulse enter and output fuctions
Substantial velocity pulse specification: voltage variety 9V-26V, frequency selection ~100KHZ. BD600 can placing 2 pint curves, large handle precision. Hd/HDO high pulse input/output terminal can be employed for DI/DO.
Swing frequency handle perform
Frequency supply binding & compose

Operate command resource are cost-free to bind any frequency supply. ten sorts of major-auxiliary frequency supply, flexible to change and compose.
For illustration : A+B, A-B, AB swap ect
None-end when instantaneous CZPT off
Easy PLC
Numerous motor change
2 team of motor parameters, and management 1 motors by on inverter.

Our manufacturing unit

Models Rated CZPT (KW) Rated enter present(A) Rated output existing(A) Suited CZPT (KW)
Input 1PH 220V±15%   47HZ~63HZ
BD600-0R5G-two 0.fifty five five.4 four. .55
BD600-0R7G-two 0.75 eight.two five. .seventy five
BD600-1R5G-2 1.5 14. seven. 1.5
BD600-2R2G-2 2.2 23 ten. 2.two
Input 3PH 220V±15%   47HZ~63HZ
Designs Rated CZPT (KW) Rated input existing(A) Rated output recent(A) Suited CZPT (KW)
BD600-0R5G-two 0.55 3.8 3.2 .55
BD600-0R7G-two 0.75 4.9 .seventy five
BD600-1R5G-two 1.5 eight.four seven. one.five
BD600-2R2G-two 2.2 eleven.5 1. two.two
BD600-3R7G-two 3.7 18 15 three.7
BD600-5R5G-2 5.5 24 23 5.five
BD600-7R5G-2 7.five 37 31 7.five
BD600-011G-two 11 52 forty five 11
BD600-015G-2 15 68 fifty eight fifteen
BD600-018G-2 18 84 71 eighteen
BD600-571G-two 22 94 eighty five 22
BD600-030G-two 30 120 a hundred and fifteen 30
BD600-037G-two 37 a hundred and sixty a hundred forty five 37
BD600-045G-2 45 198 180 45
BD600-055G-2 55 237 215 55
BD600-075G-two 75 317 283 seventy five
Input 3PH 380V±15%   47HZ~63HZ
BD600-0R7G/1R5P-four .75/1.5 3.4/5. two.5/3.7 .seventy five/1.five
BD600-1R5G/2R2P-four one.5/2.two 5./5.eight three.7/5. 1.5/2.two
BD600-2R2G/3R7P-four two.2/ five.8/ten.5 5./8.five two.2/3.7
BD600-3R7G/5R5P-four three.7/5.five ten.5/14.six 8.5/thirteen 3.7/5.five
BD600-5R5G/7R5P-four 5.5/7.five fourteen.6/twenty.five 13/eighteen 5.5/7.5
BD600-7R5G/011P-four seven.5/eleven twenty.5/26 eighteen/24 7.5/11
BD600-011G/015P-four eleven/15 26/35 24/30 eleven/fifteen
BD600-015G/018P-four fifteen/18.five 35/38.five thirty/37 15/18.five
BD600-018G/571P-four 18.5/22 38.5/46.5 37/forty six eighteen.5/22
BD600-571G/030P-4 22/30 forty six.5/62 forty six/58 22/thirty
BD600-030G/037P-four thirty/37 62/seventy six fifty eight/seventy five thirty/37
BD600-045G/055P-four 45/55 ninety two/113 90/110 forty five/55
BD600-055G/075P-2 fifty five/seventy five 113/157 110/a hundred and fifty 55/75
BD600-075G/093P-two 75/ninety three 157/a hundred and eighty 150/a hundred and seventy seventy five/93
BD600-093G/110P-2 ninety three/eleven one hundred eighty/214 a hundred and seventy/210 93/110
BD600-110G/132P-2 a hundred and ten/132 214/256 210/250 one hundred ten/132
BD600-132G/160P-2 132/one hundred sixty 256/307 250/three hundred 132/160
BD600-160G/200P-2 160/200 307/385 300/380 a hundred and sixty/two hundred
BD600-200G/220P-two 200/220 385/430 380/430 two hundred/220
BD600-220G/250P-two 220/250 430/468 430/465 220/250
BD600-250G/280P-two 250/280 468/525 465/520 250/280
BD600-280G/315P-2 280/315 525/590 520/585 280/315
BD600-315G/350P-two 315/350 590/665 585/650 315/350
BD600-350G/400P-2 350/four hundred 665/785 650/754 350/400
BD600-400G/500P-2 400/five hundred 785/965 754/930 400/five hundred
BD600-500G/630P-two 500/630 965/1210 930/1180 500/630
BD600-630G/710P-two 630/710 1210/1465 1180/1430 630/710

Any query, pls tell Jane with a lot of many thanks.

An AC motor is a type of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electrical power drives the motor. It is a current that periodically reverses path and changes its magnitude of the existing in excess of time. This recent is the opposite of a direct present or “DC” which flows in only 1 course. AC motors can provide a relatively productive way to produce mechanical energy from a basic electrical input sign.
china near me shop Invt Variable Frequencyinverter AC Drive manufacturers