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Solution Description

Integrated CZPT of CZPT vator CZPT Elements (SN-INV-SP3000)

Technical Characteristic
· Serial CAN-BUS conversation, 32-Little bit ARM embedded CPU management
· CZPT vator landing calls total collective manage design and style, greatest control pace at 1 m/s
· Reduced sounds, cozy and steady
· Voltage is 220V, anti-electromagnetism interference
· Can debug vehicle door machine parameter with operator
· Can debug elevator in the auto with operator

PUODUCT Attribute

· CZPT vator smart manage integrates with high performance variable frequency drive technology
· Faintly manage no load payment commencing, synchronous  and asynchronous motor rotating
  or static parameter self-finding out
· The encoder  interface supports numerous types of encoder
· Destination floor vehicle making ideal operation curve to have direct stop
· CAN-BUS serial conversation technologies
· With distant debugging/fault detecting function base on the lnternet GPRS wi-fi distant monitoring technological innovation
· With parameter add, down load and duplicate features, elevator crisis working CZPT ed by the accumulator
· Match GB 7588-2003 security common

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china shop Integrated Drive of Elevator Spare Parts manufacturers