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Application of Dorna Servos on Winding CZPT
Abstract: This paper describes application of Dorna EPS sequence servo system on winding machine dependent on analysis of working theory of winding device. Options of critical of parameters of servo drives are also offered.
one. Introduction
Winding device is essential processing gear extensively used in electrical and digital industry. It is to use enameled copper wire to wind inductors. It is one piece of mechanical system necessitating large management precisions of pace and precision. The control method is required to offer quite precise & smooth line velocity and adaptable commutation functionality.  winding machines are extensively used for production annular core voltage regulators, transformers, present mutual inductors and so on.
There is a range of winding machines including parallel winding equipment, annular winding equipment, stator/rotor winding machines, textile winding machines, as properly as voice coil winding machines.
2. Composition of a winding device
Higher laptop is normally SCM or PLC with text display for automatic manage. Use angle and revolution variety to set the magnetic ring winding amplitude and use motor for synchronous winding displacement.
Currently, most winding machine companies nonetheless use common induction motors with inverter pace governing. This sort of motor has minimal torque at low speed as a result greater motor should be selected to guarantee that at original phase the motor has enough torque for dragging hence causing troubles for gadget miniaturization. With the continuous development of technology, this type of driving methodology is getting replaced by servo mechanism which is equally reliable, smaller sized and with much better velocity tuning capabilities.
The appearance of a winding device is demonstrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Appearance of a winding machine
3. Description of functioning principle of a winding equipment
Right after winding machine starts, all cylinders are reset. One particular cylinder-pushed wire displacement mechanism moves entirely to the right to the preliminary placement by way of a slide platform. Wire displacement motor returns to property placement. In the meantime winding motor rotates to original angle place. Following the wires are placed properly, winding motor begins, in the meantime wire displacement motor follows, when laps achieve the established worth, the wire displacement motor reverses right up until wanted variety levels of winding is achieved.
4. Dorna servo parameter options
Winding equipment uses synchronous wheels for transmissions which maintains a consistent transmission ratio and has shock absorption and shock lowering features. On problem of no surprising, increase velocity loop proportional acquire parameters and reduce velocity loop integral achieve and position loop acquire parameters to stay away from overshooting.
Parameter configurations for Dorna servo handle technique utilised on a specific ZheJiang winding equipment are provided beneath.

PA4= (management method assortment, : placement management)
PA9=5 (motor model choice, varying based on motors)
PA11=3000 (placement loop gain, variety five hundred-8000)
PA14=1500 (velocity loop gain, range 500-8000)
PA15=4000 (velocity loop integral time continual, selection 500-8000)
PA31=2(enter instruction pulse multiplication numerator)
PA32=1(enter instruction pulse multiplication denominator)
PA38=one thousand (recent loop gain, selection 500-8000)

Observe: digital equipment ratio=PA31/PA32==Ppulse / P
In which Ppulse: Variety of pulses for every revolution of the motor, i.e. amount of pulses from motor comments factors for every single revolution of the motor (pulse/revolution). For a 2500-wire increment encoder, the variety of comments pulses to the driver is 2500×4=10000
P: Number of instruction pulses that need to be acquired by the servo from the host personal computer to empower a single revolution of the motor (pulse/revolution)
5. Notes for commissioning
To guarantee reputable, secure, and proper operation of the servo driver, pay consideration to the pursuing matters throughout set up, commissioning, and use of the servo method:
one) Right wiring: Dorna servo is designed with regular encoder wires and motor CZPT wires. Nevertheless, throughout wiring, usually make positive to right the signal wires in between the servo driver and the controller, otherwise the servo will not perform typically
two) Set right servo handle method: As every type of machine has distinct apps, proper environment of servo manage mode is the precondition for normal operation of the servo
three) Match achieve parameters appropriately depending on true operation outcomes. Besides, Dorna servo need to not set electronic placement loop and equipment ratio parameters in servo enabling mode or for the duration of operation of the motor
four) Guarantee correct grounding of the motor. Hook up the driver to gear enclosure to keep away from disturbance and leakage current.
five) Signal wires need to undertake shielded twisted pairs as a lot as attainable. The protect layer is normally connected to terminal shell
six) Shell out interest to interference concerns to avoid the encoder alerts and management indicators from becoming disturbed. Encoder wires and sign wires must not be tied jointly with motor strains and CZPT source traces or operate in the exact same wire tray with them. They ought to be routed at a certain distance.
six. Summary
This winding equipment achieves greatest CZPT er satisfaction by using advantage of characteristics of Dorna EPS collection like fast response, specific positioning, short environment time, and stable procedure. This equipment helps make a full exhibition of rewards of Dorna servos, which assists enhance competitive capacity of winding equipment.


Synchronous motors run at a velocity that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains current. This indicates that in the regular-state of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply recent. The interval of rotation of the shaft is equal to the variety of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets make a magnetic area that rotates in synchrony with the existing in the wire. The rotor geared up with everlasting magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic subject to sort the 2nd synchronous rotating magnetic field of the AC motor.
china wholesaler Dorna Servo Motor Used on Winding Machine manufacturers