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Solution Description

Quietest Flexible warmth &sol chilly CZPT mated Door Operator

Reputable & Quite Operation
 1&period CZPT pean layout promise its easy and steady running&period
 2&time period CZPT damping-washer&comma CZPT d synchronous toothed belt and alloy information roller make positive there  is few sounds when it performs&interval

Far more CZPT ful Style
 It applies 24V&comma 120W bruthless motor &comma high energy manual profile and a few rollers’ carriage which can keep max 350kg&time period These three points can make sure CZPT door opener can maintain about 350kg x 2 double open and 350kg one open up door panels&period of time

one&rpar CE Certificate
two&rpar 2 several years guarantee
three&rpar Loading capacity350kg&ast2
four&rpar CZPT &colon80-250V fifty-60HZ
5&rpar 8 microprocessor electronic controller
Computerized glass sliding doorway
one&time period H-8 can be adapted to a broad selection of various door and CZPT er demands&period of time
two&interval Effortless set up
Throughout the installation the operator is programmed to comply with the CZPT ers certain needs&time period
three&period of time Safety
Automatic security auto reverse when an impediment is encountered in closing direction&periodThe protection can be further improved by employing protection beam sensors&period of time People or objects in the doorway are detected and the doorway is then prevented from closing right up until it is safe to do so&time period
four&time period Emergency
The H-8 can immediately opens or closes the doorways&lparusing battery pack up&rpar
-in the event of a CZPT failure&interval The H-8 can also be interfaced with hearth
alarms&time period
five&period of time Self-checking
The microprocessor has an integral self-checking unit which detects any
interference or faulty signals in door operation and requires essential measures to guarantee a safe operation&time period

Aggressive Gain&colon
1&comma Extensive voltage &lparAC80-250V&rparlow CZPT intake when at work&comma vitality saving when at leisure &period
2&comma CZPT design&comma easy to put in and change &interval
3&comma Electronic plans&comma working parameters can be revised very easily&period of time
4&comma Specifically developed sound-reduction monitor rail produces sound drastically&commaensure the rollers run smoothly &time period
5&comma CZPT d brushless DC motor and the worm-reduction gear are integrated with each other &periodwhich has positive aspects this kind of as higher performance&comma large torque and CZPT er existence span &commano need for mechanical lock &interval
six&comma CZPT ent triggering modes are CZPT &comma such as fireplace warning&comma safety beam sensor&comma deal with button&comma and many others&time period
7&comma 1 tens of millions instances of checks passed&time period
8&comma CE&commaSGS&commaIS09000&commaCQC
9&comma CZPT very&comma secure&period of time



One-Winged Bi-parting  
Model H-8 H-8S  
Doorway CZPT ght 500kgX1&lpardoor&rpar 400kgx2&lpardoor&rpar  
Door Width DW&equals500mm to 6000mm DW&equals500mm to 6000mm  
Installation Surface area Install Floor Put in  
Motor DC24V Brushless DC CZPT DC24V Brushless DC CZPT  
Controller The Micro-controller The Micro-controller  
Electrical power Use 120W 120W  
Voltage AC80 to 250V &lparRegulate&rpar AC80 to 250V &lparRegulate&rpar  
Environmental Temperate -20’c to &plus50’c -20’c to &plus50’c  
Quantity 60decibel&lparmax&rpar 60decibel&lparmax&rpar  
Starting up CZPT 500mm&solsecond 410mm&solsecond  
Starting Instances Control from &period5 CZPT to twenty CZPT Control from &period5 CZPT to twenty CZPT  
Transmission Rack belt one hundred fifty S8M Rack belt a hundred and fifty S8M  
Open doorway range  &colon Total-open up &solHalf-open&lparThe length can be controlled&rpar Full-open up &solHalf-open&lparThe distance can
be controlled&rpar
PFC CZPT effectiveness &colon &period95 &lparAC100 Complete load&rpar &period95 &lparAC100 Total load&rpar

An AC motor is a kind of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses direction and adjustments its magnitude of the existing over time. This current is the opposite of a immediate current or “DC” which flows in only one particular direction. AC motors can provide a reasonably efficient way to produce mechanical power from a basic electrical enter sign.
china wholesaler Quietest Versatile Heat / Cold Automated Door Operator manufacturers