china Cost Yaskawa AC Inverter Drive E1000 Cimr-Eb4a0058ABA 400V for Fan, Pump & HVAC Applications manufacturers

Product Description

Yaskawa AC CZPT E1000 For Admirer, Pump & CZPT Programs


Super CZPT -Cost savings
•   CZPT efficiency pushed induction motor
•   CZPT optimization corresponds to load & temperature adjustments
•   Able of driving induction & synchronous
•   Synchronous motor is more successful generate than substantial effective induction motors
•   CZPT continual torque compressor with substantial effectiveness (IM & SM)
•   Manage stable pressure and high performance for continuous torque compressor


Ease of Operation & Compliance with CZPT
•   Built-in vitality-conserving handle with auto-tuning function
•   Tackling CZPT dropped and restoration
•   CZPT al functions
•   CZPT functionality I/O function
•   Simple servicing
•   CZPT ization of inverter to the consumer preference
•   Breeze-easy setup
•   Different conversation selection cards


Safety & CZPT CZPT bility
•   Secure surroundings
•   CZPT lifestyle overall performance
•   Easy upkeep
•   CZPT safety
•   Continuous operation

Solution Parameters

400V Course Model CIMR-EB4A0058ABA
Highest applicable motor capacity (kW)  30
Rated input current (A)  fifty eight
Rated output capability (kVA) forty four
Rated output recent (A) fifty eight
Overload tolerance a hundred and twenty% of rated output current for 60 CZPT s
Provider frequency 2~15kHz (It can be transformed via parameters.)
Greatest output voltage (V)  3-phase 380~480V (corresponding input voltage)
Maximum output frequency (Hz) 200Hz (It can be altered via parameters.)
Rated voltage, rated frequency AC: 3-stage 380~480V 50/60Hz DC: 510~680V

Management technique V/f handle, vector control for PM
Frequency management range  .01~200Hz (varies as for each the inverter capability)
Frequency accuracy (temperature
Electronic reference: in maximum output frequency ± .01% ( -10~+40°C)
Analog reference: within highest output frequency ± .1% (25°C ± 10°C)
Frequency location resolution Electronic reference: .01Hz Analog reference: .03 Hz / 60 Hz (11bit)
Output frequency resolution (operation resolution) .001Hz
Frequency environment signal  -10~10V, ~10V, 4~20mA, pulse practice
Beginning torque V/f manage one hundred fifty%/3Hz, vector control 100%/5% speed for PM
Pace handle range  V/f handle 1:forty, vector control 1:20 for PM
Speed manage accuracy ±2~3% (V/f control) 
Speed response  3Hz (V/f manage)
Environment Installation site  Indoor
Ambient temperature -ten~40°C (enclosed wall-mount kind), -ten~50°C (in-cabinet-mount type)
Humidity Under ninety five%RH (no condesation)
Storage temperature -20~60°C (limited-time temperature in the course of transport, etc.)
Altitude  Underneath 1000m

About Us

About Us
ZheJiang Nicli CZPT ctronic CZPT nology Co.,Ltd, started in 2006, is an automation program integrator concentrating on technology solutions and industrial manage product income.
Because getting to be an licensed agent of Yaskawa in 2013, we have been dedicated to supplying higher-quality merchandise and companies for CZPT CZPT ers.

Why pick us?
ABB approved benefit provider
YASKAWA licensed distributor
ISO9001 quality management technique

Outstanding Support:
Focus on sector automation for more than fourteen several years
Knowledgeable and skilled services group
Supply right after-revenue ensure and complex consultation

Relevant Products

Series Product Greatest capability (kW)
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0002FBA .seventy five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0004FBA one.five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0005FBA two.2
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0007FBA three
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0009FBA three.7
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0011FBA 5.5
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0018FBA 7.five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A571FBA 11
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0031FBA 15
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0038FBA eighteen.five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0044FBA 22
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0058ABA 30
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0072ABA 37
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0088ABA 45
E1000 CIMR-EB4A5713ABA fifty five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0139ABA seventy five
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0165ABA ninety
E1000 CIMR-EB4A5718ABA 110
E1000 CIMR-EB4A5710ABA 132
E1000 CIMR-EB4A5716ABA a hundred and sixty
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0362ABA 185
E1000 CIMR-EB4A571ABA 220
E1000 CIMR-EB4A571ABA 250
E1000 CIMR-EB4A0675ABA 355
E1000 CIMR-EB4A 0571 ABA five hundred
E1000 CIMR-EB4A1200ABA 630

Induction motors, also acknowledged as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic area of the stator to generate present in the rotor, thereby producing torque. These motors do not run at a speed in sync with the existing, hence the identify. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical vitality into mechanical vitality. Induction motor rotors are the most typical type of AC motor located in pumps, compressors, and other machines of all sorts.
china Cost Yaskawa AC Inverter Drive E1000 Cimr-Eb4a0058ABA 400V for Fan, Pump & HVAC Applications manufacturers