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Merchandise Description

Solution Description:
LS600 collection is a higher-performance multifunctional current vector AC drive, which integrates the travel handle of asynchronous motor and long term magnet synchronous motor. Making use of substantial-performance vector manage technology, the LS600 Collection AC push features large torque output at a low speed, superb dynamic qualities and exceptional overload capacity. It offers consumer-programmable attributes and background checking application, and interaction bus features and assist for a number of encoder sorts, developed-in tension manage special parameters, CZPT ful group combination capabilities and stable functionality.It can be utilised to push automated manufacturing tools in the fields of textiles, paper creating, wire drawing, machine tools, packaging, foodstuff, drives for fans, drinking water pumps and several kinds of automatic manufacturing equipment.
Solution characteristics and advantages:
one. CZPT er security specification layout, satisfy CE, UL, CUL certification, satisfy ROHS directive, broad voltage enter selection in line with global standards, and satisfy the specifications of 380 to 480 V three-section CZPT grids which includes CZPT pe, North CZPT ica, India, and many others..
2. CZPT er EMC requirements are made to satisfy EU C3, C2 and other requirements, and extensive remedies can be provided for occasions with high EMC specifications
three. Refined composition layout, foremost engineering platform, built-in H-class insulation DC reactor for designs above 37 kW, best brake circuit plan, volume reduction by 30%
four. All-drive all-power, combine the control of asynchronous motor and everlasting magnet synchronous motor, combine speed and torque management.
five. Integrate all manage algorithms: VF, CZPT , FVC, PMVVC, and a selection of sector-specific parameters, created-in special parameter group for curling tension manage, easy to rewinding and unwinding.
six. The new synchronous motor velocity open loop (PMVVC) handle approach is not CZPT tive to motor parameters. The management overall performance does not count on the back again-EMF coefficient. The output existing automatically adapts to the load. The oscillation suppression algorithm can properly handle the current stability beneath any functioning circumstances.
7. CZPT ing and ideal motor parameter self-studying and inertia identification, help asynchronous motor, synchronous motor static, dynamic, load self-finding out and inertia identification, enhanced the precision of motor self-understanding parameters, match the load torque and inertia traits better, and improved the motor effectiveness.
8. CZPT -torque output at a reduced-pace , with good dynamic qualities and outstanding overload potential, very easily coping with reduced-speed, substantial-torque, and large-inertia applications.
nine. Assist a variety of mainstream encoders, assist a range of mainstream conversation buses, common Modbus-485 interaction, optional CANLink, CANOPEN, EtherCAT, Profinet, EtherNet / IP interaction bus
10. Breakthrough in asynchronous motor manage overall performance: CZPT pace adjustment ratio improved to 1:a thousand zero-pace hovering / zero-pace building CZPT replaces FVC when the output torque is higher than 10% CZPT rewinding and unwinding torque accuracy ‚ȧ 5%.
eleven. Synchronous machine handle functionality breakthrough: CZPT torque accuracy 5% CZPT energy-preserving algorithm, synchronous motor velocity monitoring, electronic core sealing, new PMVVC algorithm.
12. CZPT -lifestyle layout, unbiased air duct layout, resistance to CZPT harsh air pollution environments, thermal trustworthiness and temperature increase examination of the AC drive, automated spraying method of three-evidence coating, large margin derating design, several protection capabilities to ensure the igh dependability and CZPT existence procedure.
Nameplate and Designation Rule:

Technological Information:
Types and technological knowledge (a few period 380-480 V)

Types and technical knowledge (a few phase 200-240 V)

Specialized Requirements:

General Proportions:

Mounting hole proportions of LS600T0.7GB to LS600T450G (three stage 380-480 V)

Mounting hole proportions of LS600-2T0.7GB to LS600-2T55G (three phase two hundred-240 V)

Mounting gap dimensions of LS600T200G-C to LS600T630G-C

Panel Choices:
The LED operating panel allows you to set and modify parameters, keep an eye on program status, and begin or end the AC travel.
For information, see 21571001 LS500 Collection AC CZPT CZPT d Person Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis..
An external LED (LS500KE1) working panel is also CZPT as an selection.

AC motors differ from a lot of other varieties of motors, especially some of the a lot more common DC (direct current) motors, by numerous essential standards. The most fundamental of these is the fact that an AC motor depends completely on the alternating present around its circuit to make effective mechanical strength. We are going to discuss this unique procedure in much more depth in the adhering to sections of this guidebook.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  price LS600 High Performance Multi-function Vector AC Drive manufacturers