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Product Description

Solution Description

Item Introduction
AS600 particular inverter for crane is designed for the industrial cranes, such as quayside container bridge crane, container gantry crane, portal crane and beam crane. With the use of CZPT d vector management engineering, the merchandise has the identical outstanding handle technologies and torque manage engineering, the product has the very same excellent control performance with high-conclude intercontinental inverter and, blended with the software attributes in the hoisting equipment business, even more strengthens the product output characteristics, reliability and environmental adaptation and can far better fulfill CZPT application requirements of the hoisting machinery.

Technical features
Large torque and high load capability

Power enter Input voltage (380-460)V(-fifteen% ~ +10%), 3 section provide, voltage unbalance <3%
Enter frequency (forty five-65)Hz
Instantaneous CZPT fall Under voltage protection when the input voltage is considerably less than AC300V in the CZPT supply AC(380-460)V
Power output Voltage OVAC- input voltage
Output frequency V/F manage: (.00/three hundred.00) Hz, Vector management: (.00-120.00)Hz
Overload stage Heavy load: one hundred fifty%,60S tremendous weighty load: one hundred fifty%,60S 200%,2S
Electronic IO Output frequency accuracy ±0.01%(electronic command -10 ~+45ºC) ±0.1%(analog command 25±10ºC)
  Opto-isolator input 7 – channel, 24V energetic higher and lower settable and enter operate definable
Analog input and output Open collector output 2 – channel , output capabilities definable
Relay output 2 – channel normally open, 2 – channel normally open and normally closed contacts
Analog voltage input 2 – channel, voltage: (-ten~ +ten)VDC or present : (-twenty)mA optional sign
Analog voltage output 2 – channel, voltage: (-10~ +10)VDC or current : (-twenty)mA optional sign
Encoder enter PG card CZPT 5V, 12V, 300mA
PG card sign Open collector, press-pull, differential, SIN/COS incremental, Endat complete value type, Resover variety, orthogonal open collector output and division issue 2/4/8/sixteen/32/sixty four/128 settable(optional)
Management characteristics Management manner V/F management Open up-loop vector management Closed-loop control
Beginning method 2.50Hz, a hundred and fifty% .5Hz, 200% .00Hz, 200%
Steady velocity precision ±2% ±0.2% ±0.02%
Torque precision 5% (shut-loop handle)
Torque payment Automatic torque payment and handbook torque compensation
V/F curve User-defined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 3 diminished torque attribute curves
Computerized voltage regulation (AVR) Automatically modify the duty cycle of PWM sign according to the bus voltage fluctuation
Non-end at instantaneous quit Achieve steady operation by way of bus voltage management in circumstance of instantaneous CZPT failure
Dynamic braking ability Built-in brake device and exterior brake resistor (optional) for the CZPT 22kw and under
Exterior brake unit (optional) for the CZPT over 22kw.
DC braking ability Braking current : (.-one hundred twenty.% rated current.
Torque management perform Torque/speed handle switching via terminals, numerous torque presented designs
Zero servo and placement manage function Achieve zero speed place lock, precise positioning and situation handle.
Typical DC bus The complete collection could achieve CZPT source of many inverters by widespread DC bus.
Environmental problems Use celebration Keep out of direct daylight, dust, corrosive gases, combustible gases, oil mist, h2o vapor or dropping h2o.
Environment temperature (-ten~+forty)ºC
Altitude <1000m
Environment humidity (5-95)%, no condensation authorized
Vibration(installation) 2≤f<9Hz, 0.3mm 9≤f<200Hz, 1m/s2
Safety quality IP20
Other individuals Cooling method Forced air cooling
  1. Help synchronous and asynchronous motors
  2. Perfect, safe and trustworthy brake logic
  3. Rapidly, preeminent and large adaptive dynamic response
  4. Clean and shock considerably less velocity tracking begin
  5. Support Profibus-DP and Modbus communication
  6. Master and slave control perform, weakened flux and continual CZPT operate
  7. Torque memory purpose
  8. Parameter and procedure curve switching operate of 2 sets of motors
  9. Static and dynamic speed and torque switching purpose
  10. Non-quit at instantaneous quit.

Application industries

  1. Harbor machinery: quayside container bridge crane, tire crane and portal crane     
  2. Normal lifting: bridge crane, electric hoist, belt conveyor and winch
  3. Construction lifting: tower crane

Solution Parameters

Product AS400 4T- 02P2 03P7 05P5 07P5 0011 0015 18P5 0571 0030 0037 0045
Highest CZPT of adaptive motor (kw) (Super CZPT Responsibility) 1.1 two.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 thirty 37
Highest CZPT of adaptive motor (kw) (Large Duty) two.two 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37 45
Rated output present (A) (Super CZPT Responsibility) 3.five six.two 11 15 21 27 34 41 52 65 80
Rated output recent (A) (Hefty Duty) six.two 9 13 17 25 31 39 45 sixty 75 91
Provider frequency (kHz) 2-8Khz (modified in parameters)
Model AS400 4T- 0055 0075 0090 0110 0132 0160 0185 5710 5710 5710 5710 571 571
Greatest CZPT of adaptive motor (kw) (Super CZPT Duty) forty five 55 seventy five 90 110 132 160 185 200 220 250 280 315
Optimum CZPT of adaptive motor (kw) (Hefty Obligation) 55 seventy five 90 110 132 160 185 200 220 250 280 315 355
Rated output current (A) (Super CZPT Responsibility) ninety seven 128 165 195 236 270 330 360 390 430 470 525 585
Rated output existing (A) (Hefty Responsibility) 112 a hundred and fifty 180 216 260 300 370 390 426 480 520 600 650
Provider frequency (kHz) 2-8KHZ (modified in parameters) 2-5kHz(modified in parameters)
Supply voltage AC 3 – section , 380-460V, fifty/60Hz
Permissible CZPT fluctuation -fifteen%-ten% (interphase unbalance price ≤3%, incorporate the DC reactor to increase the CZPT factor)
Permissible frequency fluctuation -5% ~ +5%
Instantaneous reduced voltage tolerance Continue to operate previously mentioned 300V: carry on to run 15ms when the rated voltage falls beneath 300V(test price at eighty% load)



Plant Evaluation

Two varieties of AC motors consist of: Synchronous: The reality that a synchronous motor rotates at the exact same rate as the frequency of the mains recent provides the motor its identify. A synchronous motor consists of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a broad variety of apps. Induction: Induction motors are the easiest and strongest motors obtainable. These AC motors consist of two electrical elements: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The present essential to flip the rotor is generated by the electromagnetic induction developed by the stator windings. Induction motors are a single of the most typically employed kinds of motors in the world.
china near me shop hot sales Frequency Drive VFD AS6204 AS400 AS600 11KW manufacturers