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Product Description

Item Description:
The LS680 is a servo drive developed for high-performance vector manage of long term magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Using the higher-performance vector manage technological innovation, it optimizes the process handle of injection molding device, which includes the handle on injection pace and force holding precision as effectively as the stability handle on working with the injection molding device controller. It also provides checking application and communication buses and supports multiple encoder varieties, noticing flexible purpose combinations and steady performance.
The LS680 is mainly utilized to these kinds of industries as plastic molding, pipe extrusion, sneakers producing, rubber generation, and steel die casting. It functions much better hydraulic control efficiency, CZPT er pressure and speed responses, decrease continual-state force fluctuation and smaller size.
Solution attributes and advantages:
one. Solution positioning: electro-hydraulic servo, common-purpose servo travel.
two. The most extensively utilised push in the electro-hydraulic servo area.
3. Built-in higher-functionality PID management algorithm to accomplish a CZPT er, far more steady and correct hydraulic management knowledge.
2. Ample conversation network link capabilities (CANLINK, CANOPEN, ModbusRS485, EtherCAT, Profinet).
3. Facilitate the realization of specific strain, stream and placement management of hydraulic servo.
4. Closed loop vector management, help resolver PG card, 23-bit PG card.
five. CZPT er motor matching functionality helps make the technique more vitality-conserving and with greater tolerance.
6. Created-in multi-pump merging and splitting versatile combination handle.
7. CZPT trustworthiness, thermal trustworthiness and temperature increase examination of the servo drive, automatic spraying process of three-proof coating, large margin derating, CZPT daily life and impartial air duct layout, wide voltage enter assortment in line with global expectations, increased EMC and security specification style, satisfy CE, UL certification and ROHS directive.
Nameplate and Designation Rule:

Specialized Information:
Models and technical information (3 stage 380-480 V)
Types and complex info (a few section 200-240 V)

Technical Requirements

Total Proportions:
General Dimensions of LS680T11GB to LS680T400G and LS680-2T5.5GB to LS680-2T75G
Overall and mounting dimensions of LS680T11GB to LS680T18GB and LS680-2T5.5GB to LS680-2T7.5GB
General and mounting proportions of LS680T22GB to LS680T400GB and LS680-2T11GB to LS680-2T75G

Mounting hole proportions of LS680T11GB to LS680T400G (three section 380-480 V)

Mounting hole proportions of LS680-2T11GB to LS680-2T75G (three period 200-240 V)

Total Dimensions of LS680T200G-C to LS680T400G-C

Mounting gap dimensions of LS680T200G-C to LS680T400G-C

Panel Choices:
The LED operating panel allows you to established and modify parameters, check program standing, and start or cease the AC travel.
For particulars, see 21571001 LS500 Collection AC CZPT CZPT d User Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis..
An exterior LED (LS500KE1) functioning panel is also CZPT as an option.

An AC motor is a variety of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electrical power drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses course and changes its magnitude of the recent over time. This existing is the reverse of a immediate current or “DC” which flows in only a single route. AC motors can provide a reasonably efficient way to generate mechanical power from a basic electrical input signal.
china shop LS680 Series Servo Frequency Inverter 380/93 manufacturers