china supplier LS680 Series Servo Frequency Inverter 380/45 manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Solution Description:
The LS680 is a servo push developed for high-functionality vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Using the large-functionality vector handle technology, it optimizes the approach manage of injection molding machine, which includes the management on injection velocity and force holding precision as nicely as the steadiness manage on operating with the injection molding device controller. It also offers monitoring computer software and interaction buses and supports numerous encoder types, acknowledging flexible operate combinations and stable overall performance.
The LS680 is primarily utilized to these kinds of industries as plastic molding, pipe extrusion, shoes generating, rubber generation, and metallic die casting. It functions greater hydraulic management functionality, CZPT er pressure and pace responses, lower regular-state stress fluctuation and smaller dimensions.
Item functions and positive aspects:
one. Solution positioning: electro-hydraulic servo, standard-goal servo drive.
2. The most extensively employed push in the electro-hydraulic servo subject.
three. Created-in large-functionality PID control algorithm to attain a CZPT er, much more secure and accurate hydraulic management encounter.
2. Abundant conversation network connection abilities (CANLINK, CANOPEN, ModbusRS485, EtherCAT, Profinet).
three. Aid the realization of specific stress, flow and place handle of hydraulic servo.
4. Closed loop vector manage, assistance resolver PG card, 23-little bit PG card.
5. CZPT er motor matching overall performance makes the method far more energy-conserving and with larger tolerance.
six. Created-in multi-pump merging and splitting adaptable combination manage.
7. CZPT trustworthiness, thermal trustworthiness and temperature increase check of the servo push, automated spraying procedure of a few-evidence coating, big margin derating, CZPT lifestyle and independent air duct design, extensive voltage enter variety in line with international requirements, higher EMC and safety specification style, fulfill CE, UL certification and ROHS directive.
Nameplate and Designation Rule:

Technological Info:
Versions and technical info (3 section 380-480 V)
Versions and specialized data (a few section two hundred-240 V)

Complex Specifications

General Proportions:
Overall Proportions of LS680T11GB to LS680T400G and LS680-2T5.5GB to LS680-2T75G
General and mounting dimensions of LS680T11GB to LS680T18GB and LS680-2T5.5GB to LS680-2T7.5GB
Overall and mounting dimensions of LS680T22GB to LS680T400GB and LS680-2T11GB to LS680-2T75G

Mounting hole dimensions of LS680T11GB to LS680T400G (a few stage 380-480 V)

Mounting gap proportions of LS680-2T11GB to LS680-2T75G (a few stage two hundred-240 V)

All round Proportions of LS680T200G-C to LS680T400G-C

Mounting gap proportions of LS680T200G-C to LS680T400G-C

Panel Alternatives:
The LED functioning panel enables you to set and modify parameters, keep track of system position, and start or end the AC drive.
For information, see 21571001 LS500 Collection AC CZPT CZPT d Consumer Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis..
An external LED (LS500KE1) operating panel is also CZPT as an alternative.

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china supplier LS680 Series Servo Frequency Inverter 380/45 manufacturers