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Product Description

Product Description

Solution Description:

Model No:
  iK3AS02 iK3AS04 IK3AS08 IK3AS15 IK3AS22 IK3AS30 iK3AS50 iK3BS15 iK3BS25 iK3BS35 iK3BS55 iK3BS75
.2KW .4KW .75KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 3KW 5KW one.8KW 3KW 3.8KW five.5KW seven.5KW
Input CZPT
Handle Mode Three-period PWM converter sine wave travel
Main CZPT 220V: Solitary-phase/three stage 220V AC(-15~+ten%,50~60Hz)
380V: A few-period 380V AC(-15~+ten%,50~60Hz)
Manage CZPT 220V: One-period 220V AC(-15~+ten%,fifty~60Hz)
Rated present 220V:.2KW/2A,.4kW/2.8A,.75kW/5.5A,1.5kW/10A, 2.2kW/12A,3kW/16A,5kW/25A
380V: 1.8kW/5A,3kW/8A,3.8kW/12A,5.5kW/16A, 7.5kW/20A
Encoder opinions ABZ incremental encoder / complete encoder
Operating temperature ~45°C
Storage temperature -twenty~65°C
Working humidity twenty~eighty five%RH or much less (non-condensing)
Storage humidity twenty~85%RH or much less (non-condensing)
Functioning and storage air indoor (no immediate daylight), CZPT -corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, dust
Altitude Beneath 1000m
Vibration 5.8m/s² (.6G) beneath 10~60Hz (Are not able to be utilised repeatedly at resonant frequency)
Insulation and
stress resistance
Main- amongst F and G, 1 moment below AC1500V
IO Input four-channel (DC24V optocoupler isolation) Input purpose can be picked according to parameters underneath:
 Servo on, P motion, good rotation inhibit, negtive rotation inhibit, alarm reset,optimistic torque restrict,
 negtive torque limit, error clear
IO Output three-channel optocoupler isolated output the pursuing output purpose can be picked in accordance to
 parameters: CZPT output, placement proximity, velocity constant detection output, motor rotation
 detection, servo prepared, torque restrict, brake release
Pulse enter Differential enter: 500K open collector: 200K
Pulse + path, AB orthogonal pulse, CW+CCW pulse
Pulse output Period A, stage B: differential output. Stage Z: differential output or open up collector output
Inside velocity command A few-speed distribution by way of input terminals
Overload Potential Max. 3 instances torque
Analog enter two-channel differential input ±10V, 1-channel single-finished -10V swap in accordance to handle mode
Interaction Modbus Ethercat, CANopen
Management modes twelve control modes: situation handle, velocity management, torque control, internal velocity, situation/velocity manage,
situation/torque management, pace/torque management, interior speed/placement, interior speed/pace,
interior speed/torque, speed/zero clamp, situation manage/command inhibit
Regenerative resistance 400W: without external regenerative resistance above 750W: with

Solution Benefit:
· CZPT ful internal situation method permits for continuous multi-route plHangZhou for abundant motion manage supports up to 32 data sets for plHangZhou, each established of information can be set to the number of pulses or angle needed, and inner situation manner can be established for velocity, acceleration, deceleration and emergency deceleration
· CZPT matic perseverance of load inertial mechanical houses, placing ideal obtain and shortening program commissioning time
· CZPT resonance frequency examination, configured with two sets of trap filters, adjustable frequency (50 ~ 5000Hz) and lure depth, successfully conquer lower frequency resonance and mechanical conclude vibration, vibration frequency (1 ~ 100Hz) and vibration damping can be set
· Frictional torque payment minimizes the influence of static friction in the course of mechanical commutation and improves command subsequent overall performance at minimal speeds
· Multibus assistance: CANopen
Simple to Function
· Assistance for debugging software program, mechanical attributes examination, parameter placing, checking and other functions, intuitive and easy operation

Quality administration Technique

1.Procurement Handle Processes

Decide on certified suppliers to ensure that content quality can fulfill use request.

 2.Manufacturing Approach Circulation

Each and every employees is essential to pass the qualification take a look at for the task place and work in stringent accordance with the process files.

 3.Good quality Handle Techniques

A vast range of evaluate are applied to manage good quality and they are:factory audit,signing high quality arrangement with suppliers,incoming supplies inspection,1st item affirmation,inspection for the duration of production,ultimate inspection,manufacturing method examination and advancement,corrective and preventive actions.


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AC motors vary from several other kinds of motors, specially some of the far more acquainted DC (direct current) motors, by many essential requirements. The most standard of these is the truth that an AC motor depends entirely on the alternating existing about its circuit to produce effective mechanical vitality. We’ll go over this distinctive method in much more depth in the adhering to sections of this guidebook.
china supplier Pulse K1 ,1.5kw -7.5kw, 380V, Servo Drives,Servo, Servo Motor,AC motor,electric powered motor,servo,for CNC Punching Machine companies