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China wholesaler Tptyc560 160kw 660V 158A 30Hz 90rpm Pmsm Motor Three-Phase Inverter Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct Drive Motor vacuum pump engine

Product Description

TPTYC series three-phase inverter permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor
The advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motors compared with ordinary asynchronous motors

High efficiency, high power factor (The loss of the rotor excitation system is eliminated, and the efficiency is increased by 5-10%)


As shown in Figure 1, take a 37kw permanent magnet motor as an example:


The maximum efficiency of the motor can reach 96%, while the maximum efficiency of the asynchronous motor with the same power can only reach 93%, and the difference in efficiency increases with the decrease of load (power). The rotor does not need electric excitation, the inductance is small, and the power factor is high. Similarly, as shown in Figure 1, the power factor of a 37KW permanent magnet motor can reach up to 0.98, while that of an asynchronous motor is only 0.85, and as the load (power) decreases, the difference in power factor increases greatly.


Wide speed range:

The rotor does not need electric excitation, and the low-speed performance of the motor is good. With the advanced positionless vector control technology, the frequency conversion range of the motor can achieve 25%-150%, while the asynchronous frequency conversion can only achieve 50%-1 kwh/year + 19980 kwh/year = 175380 kwh/year

Elimination of differential pressure loss: 70% of loading time x 12% of differential pressure loss of 2 kilograms x 37kw x 6 kwh/year × 100%= 22.03%


To sum up, the permanent magnet synchronous motor-driven variable frequency air compressor has outstanding comprehensive advantages compared with ordinary industrial frequency air compressors. The most important advantage is energy saving, and its comprehensive energy saving efficiency reaches more than 40%.


Example of Energy Saving Calculation

Original motor power consumption = 22/0.89- 22 = 2.72kw
Motor power consumption after update = 22/0.959 – 22=0.94kw
Power saving = 2.72 -0.94=1.78kw
Annual power saving = 1.78 * 6000 (here choose 6000 hours/year) = 10680 (kwh)

Calculation method:
Power consumption = rated power / efficiency – rated power
Saving power consumption = original motor power consumption – new motor power consumption
Annual electricity saving = saving power consumption × 6000 hours (can be selected according to actual situation)

Technical data:

Installation and dimensions:

Factory details

Application: Universal
Operating Speed: Adjust Speed
Operation Mode: Electric Motor
Magnetic Structure: Permanent Magnet
Function: Driving
Structure: Rotating Armature Type (Pole Fixed)


China wholesaler Tptyc560 160kw 660V 158A 30Hz 90rpm Pmsm Motor Three-Phase Inverter Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct Drive Motor   vacuum pump engine	China wholesaler Tptyc560 160kw 660V 158A 30Hz 90rpm Pmsm Motor Three-Phase Inverter Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct Drive Motor   vacuum pump engine
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china near me Good Price AC 220V Direct Servo Motor Drive + 400W 60 Flange Servo Motor with 3 Meter Cable manufacturers

Solution Description

Our Provider:

one. Samples
Samples are Available for Testing and Market Test, also we have a CZPT -time period cooperation with DHL,Ups etc, Freight will be a lot more affordable than their typical one particular. 
two. Warranty of  Products
24 months of the warranty. Provide strong specialized support.
three. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.s and After-service Consultancy
 You can find me all the time, my cell cellphone can be usually related.

  A. Need an Accessory?
  B. Products Repair?
  C. Power Problems to Solve?
  D. Power Protection Solutions, etc.? 
 4. OEM Service for  ac inverter
All CZPT Task can be suitable by my side, just notify me your requst and then solution will be presented.

Polyphase motors can be possibly two-section or 3-period motors. They operate like one-section induction motors, but both one-period and polyphase motors work on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are created by two- or a few-stage currents passing through two or a lot more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic area produces torque. Polyphase motors are utilised in programs that demand substantial electricity, this sort of as the power generate of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
china near me Good Price AC 220V Direct Servo Motor Drive + 400W 60 Flange Servo Motor with 3 Meter Cable makers

china near me Szgh Wheel Direct Drive with Epicicloidal Reducer AC Servo Motor Driver Torque Control Driver Can Support Can Open Communication CNC Servo Kits manufacturers

Merchandise Description

SZGH Wheel direct generate with epicicloidal reducer AC Servo CZPT CZPT r Torque Handle CZPT r can Support Can open Communication CNC Servo Kits

SZGH-13150CC  is 1500W servo motor ,optimizing design and style, compact, beautiful contour,  CZPT -time period continuous working  in rated working mode and economic type 

Packing listing : 

one) CZPT -13150CC 1500w servo motor -1pcs 

two) CZPT -SD2026  220v servo driver – 1pcs 

3) CZPT 1MX-5M  5meter motor cables -1pcs 

4) SZGH1EX-5M   5 meter encoder cables -1 pcs 

5) Manual  -1pcs 

Pls explain to us at 1st time when you need to have : 

one) Brake motor 

2) Definitely encoder 

three) CZPT cables 

four)Ethernet kind

Product Description

Software:Automation CZPT ,Robotic Arm,Braided Belt CZPT ,Computeriaed Flat Knitting CZPT ,Embroidery CZPT ,AGV Vehicle,Woodworking Engeaving CZPT ,CNC CZPT …




Merchandise Parameters

Power(W )Torque(N.m) CZPT (rpm)
Flange Model Power  Torque  Speed  Matched Servo CZPT
40mm SZGH-04005D fifty .sixteen 3000 SZGH-SD2004
SZGH-5711D 100 .32 3000
60mm SZGH-06571DC two hundred .6 3000
 SZGH-06040DC  400 1.three 3000
SZGH-06060DC 600 one.nine 3000
80mm SZGH-08040DC four hundred one.3 3000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-08075DC 750 two.four 3000
SZGH-08075BC 750 three.five 2000
SZGH-5710CC a thousand 4 2500
90mm SZGH-09075DC 750 two.four 3000
SZGH-09075BC 750 3.five 2000
SZGH-5710CC 1000 four 2500
110mm SZGH-11060DC 600 two 3000 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-11080DC 800 four 2000
SZGH11120DC 1200 four 3000
SZGH-11150DC 1500 five 3000
SZGH-11120BC 1200 6 2000
SZGH11180DC 1800 six 3000
130mm SZGH-13100CC one thousand 4 2500
SZGH-13130CC 1300 five 2500
SZGH-13150CC 1500 6 2500
SZGH-13200CC 2000 77 2500 SZGH-SD2026/                 CZPT -SD4038(380V)
SZGH-13100AC one thousand ten one thousand
SZGH-13150AC 1500 10 1500
SZGH-13230AC 2300 fifteen 1500
SZGH-13260CC 2600 ten 2500
SZGH-13380CC 3800 fifteen 2500
150mm SZGH-15380CC 3800 15 2500 SZGH-4038
SZGH-15300BC 3000 15 2000
SZGH-15360BC 3600 18 2000
SZGH-1S470BC 4700 23 2000 SZGH-4075
SZGH-15550BC 5500 27 2000
180mm SZGH-18270BC 2700 seventeen.two 1500
SZGH-18290BC 2900 27 a thousand
SZGH-18300CC 3000 19 1500
SZGH-18370BC 3700 35 one thousand
SZGH-18430AC 4300 27 1500
SZGH-18450CC 4500 21.five 2000
SZGH-18550CC 5500 35 1500
SZGH-18750CC 7500 forty eight 1500
NOTE : The above versions assist 2500PPR incremental  encoder 
SD Collection SD2004 SD2571 SD2026 SD4038 SD4075
Output CZPT 50W~600W 400W~1kW 600W~3. 8kW 2kW~3 8KW 3kW~75kW
Input CZPT Single/3 Phase AC220V-fifteen%~+10% Three Phase 380V
Control Mode 0. Situation Manage: 1 CZPT Management 2: Torque Handle: 3:Situation/Pace Manage
4:PositionT orque Manage: 5:SpeedTorque Handle
Protecting Over-pace/More than-voltageUnder-voltage In excess of-existing/Overload/Encoder Error/
Operate Control CZPT Eror/ Place Offset Enor
Keep an eye on Purpose SpeedPositionPulses /Offset/TorqueCurrent/Standing.
Digital Enter 1:Servo Allow: 2:Alam Reset: 3:CCW-Forbidden: 4:CW-Forbi dden: 5:Clear
Position Ofiset 6:Pulse Enter Forbidden 7:CCW Torque Restrict: 8:CW Torque Limit
Electronic Output Servo-All set On/Alam/ CZPT ation EndBraker Handle
Strength Braking Support buit in Extemal Resistor Braking
DriveLoad Less than 3 times of rotor inertia
Screen 5 bits LED Indicator display: 4 Operate keys
Interaction RS485
Position Handle Input Method 0: Pulse+Direction
1:CCW/CW Pulse
I . . 2: AB Section Orthogonal Pulse
1 . 1 3:Internal Place Manage
Electic Ratio Numerator of CZPT ctric Ratio: 1~32767
Denominator of CZPT ctric Ratio: 1~32767
130mm SZGH-13100CC/T a thousand 4 2500 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13130CC/T 1300 5 2500 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13150CC/T 1500 six 2500 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13200CC/T 2000 77 2500 SZGH-SD2026/ CZPT -SD4038(380V)
SZGH-13100AC/T one thousand 10 one thousand
SZGH-13150AC/T 1500 10 1500
SZGH-13230AC/T 2300 fifteen 1500
SZGH-13260CC/T 2600 ten 2500
SZGH-13380CC/T 3800 fifteen 2500
150mm SZGH-15380CC/T 3800 fifteen 2500 SZGH-4038
SZGH-15300BC/T 3000 fifteen 2000
SZGH-15360BC/T 3600 18 2000
SZGH-1S470BC/T 4700 23 2000 SZGH-4075
SZGH-15550BC/T 5500 27 2000
180mm SZGH-18270BC/T 2700 seventeen.2 1500
SZGH-18290BC/T 2900 27 1000
SZGH-18300CC/T 3000 19 1500
SZGH-18370BC/T 3700 35 1000
SZGH-18430AC/T 4300 27 1500
SZGH-18450CC/T 4500 21.5 2000
SZGH-18550CC/T 5500 35 1500
SZGH-18750CC/T 7500 forty eight 1500
NOTE : The over versions help 2500PPR incremental  encoder & brake 




Packaging & CZPT


one.Industrial packing: plastic bag +foam boxes+ carton +wood pallets

2.Industrial packing: plastic bag+ foam bins + carton

3.As the clients requirement
Shipping and delivery Depth: Usually ready goods and inventory inside 2- 5days


Business Profile


HangZhou CZPT hong CZPT mation CO.,LTD (Previously acknowledged as ‘HangZhou CZPT hong CZPT mation  Co.,Limited(Constructed in 19 November 2571)’) is 1 of the foremost CNC & automatic business in CZPT , specialized in planning tasks, marketing and advertising, and oversea buying and selling, possessing comprehensive expertise in CNC bundle resolution, Our concentrate has been on offering the higher good quality of Industrial robot arm  Lathe CNC technique, Milling CNC technique, Engraving CNC program, Grinding & router CNC program, CZPT & driver, Spindle servo motor & driver, Gear reducer. 

SZGH’ goods have been in doing work with a vast range of CNC machinery and automatic processing products with substantial efficiency and great precision, stably. We have now recognized a reputable composition , CZPT seasoned engineers and technicians are able to supply expert consultancy and supply you most suited CNC application solution.

Our strict high quality handle measures promise superb reliability and substantial normal of top quality. Making use of CZPT d CNC equipment to examination every single product, a hundred percent inspection is manufactured before packaging and shipment. Additionally, We also supply versatile lead instances to assistance your enterprise.

We have a huge quantity of CZPT ers throughout Asia, CZPT ica, the Center CZPT , CZPT pe, South CZPT ica, and Africa. Specially we currently built personal organization corporate team in Center CZPT market.

Our Benefits

Why Decide on Us ?

1:a lot more than ten a long time improvement and generation, we are producer
2:twelve-24 thirty day period guarantee
three: far more than forty patents   
four:Totally free coaching and effortless procedure
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Following Sales Provider

Greatest & Professional after- sales supports 

Our company have really professional engineers teams

We can give the specialist soon after -product sales provider to CZPT all customers

Below is CZPT engineer Mike solved the difficulties for CZPT CZPT er

Best supports !! Quicly reply !!

Acquire at relieve , use at ease !!!


Q: Do you assist CNC system and Robotic Arm System custom-made producing?
A: Sure,we can CZPT ized manufacturing in accordance to CZPT er’s requirment. We support to CZPT your very own firm screen interface
and symbol.

Q: How CZPT is your CNC Technique and Robotic Arm Program supply time?
A: Normally it is 3-5 times if the items are in inventory. or it is 5-10 days if the items are not in inventory, it is in accordance to
amount.ten-20 days if CZPT ized production.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it totally free or added ?
A: Sure, we could supply the sample with sample value.
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment=1000USD, 70% T/T in CZPT ,harmony before shippment.

If you have one more concern, pls come to feel totally free to speak to us as below

Solitary-section motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field attributes of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic subject developed by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the enlargement and contraction of the stator’s magnetic subject produce an electrical recent in the rotor. The present creates the rotor magnetic field with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic field. The reverse polarity applies rotational drive to the upper and decrease areas of the rotor. Considering that this power passes by means of the middle of the rotor, it remains equal in each path, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor begins to change, it continues to change in the route it commenced, because the rotor’s momentum generates a rotational power in that course. Single-stage motors are utilised in minimal-electrical power apps such as ceiling fans, mixer grinders, and house appliances this kind of as portable energy instruments.
china near me Szgh Wheel Direct Drive with Epicicloidal Reducer AC Servo Motor Driver Torque Control Driver Can Support Can Open Communication CNC Servo Kits manufacturers